The Israeli Minister of Defense criticized the North Korean regime and its ties to Iran and Syria. The North Korean dictatorship released a statement, promising a “merciless, thousand-fold punishment.”

Photo Credit: North Korean TV / Channel 2 News

North Korea published an official threat against Israel following the remarks of Israeli Minister Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, who stated that the regime of Kim Jong-Un is a “crazy and radical group. A statement released by the North Korean Foreign Ministry called Lieberman’s remarks “reckless” and a form of “sordid and wicked behavior” that posed a “grave challenge” to North Korea.

“Israel would be well advised to think twice about the consequences [of] its smear campaign against the DPRK,” the statement said. They also warned that those who dare “hurt the dignity of its supreme leadership” could face a “merciless, thousand-fold punishment.”

In an interview with Walla News, Lieberman stated that “this crazy tyrant from North Korea is an ally of Assad and also the Iranians. There is an axis of evil here from North Korea through Iran to Syria and Hezbollah.” Lieberman also asserted that it is “undermining global stability.”

“Any nuclear crisis anywhere would affect the entire world,” Lieberman went on to say. “I don’t want to go into scenarios but there is no such thing as a limited nuclear crisis.”

JOL reported that the North Korean regime conducted yet another missile test earlier on Saturday, north of the North Korean capital city of Pyongyang. This test, conducted at a time of heightened regional tensions, continues to cause discomfort around the world.

According to US officials, the missile test failed and the missile blew up within North Korean territory, several seconds after it was launched.