A 62-year-old Jewish man walking to the synagogue in Boro Park, New York City was attacked and beaten by a man yesterday morning.

At about 7:30 a.m., the elderly Jew walked on the sidewalk of 13th Avenue with his tallit and tefillin, according to The Yeshiva World news agency.

Suddenly, a vehicle stopped suddenly in front of the sidewalk, the driver came out and ran towards the victim who was stunned. As soon as he reached him, he punched him in the face, in a wild unprovoked attack.

NYPD responded swiftly and stopped the fleeing perpetrator. The police reported that vehicle the assailant was driving said “Church Ave Car Service,” although according to the manager of that company was quoted saying, ”the driver was out of service for the day and was not driving on duty at the time of the assault”.

Boro Park’s Hatzallah unit transported the victim to Maimonides Hospital. He suffered a facial trauma.

The incident was caught on security camera.