Shortly after the removal of the old sanctions and the imposition of additional sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program, the US clarified: “Iran will be monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.” Obama: “If Tehran will cheat, we will catch it.”

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US President Barack Obama held a press conference today in order to mark the nuclear agreement with Iran reaching its final stages, whereby the superpowers removed the sanctions imposed upon the Islamic Republic of Iran. Obama related to the new sanctions imposed today on Iran’s development of ballistic missiles: “The agreement is not designed to solve all of the disputes between Iran and the US. Under the agreement we reached, Iran won’t put its hands on nuclear weapons.”

“If Iran will try to cheat and obtain nuclear weapons, we will catch it,” Obama emphasized. “We have prevented every path for Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran will be monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.” 

“We still have sanctions imposed upon Iran for violating human rights, supporting terrorism, and missile tests that they do,” Obama noted in relation to the new sanctions that were imposed today. “We will continue to be vigilant regarding the Iranian threat against Israel and other states in the region.”

The new sanctions regard 11 companies and bodies that provide equipment that the Iranian ballistic missile program benefits from. Obama’s move was delayed two weeks following contacts between Tehran and Washington regarding the release of American prisoners held in Iran. In the deal, 5 US citizens were freed in exchange for 7 Iranian citizens. Obama stressed, “I pressured President Rouhani personally to release the Americans held in Iran.”

“This is a good day,” the US President stated. “Again, we can see that the US can achieve results diplomatically without initiating a war in the Middle East. The nuclear deal will open the pathway to solving other problems with Iran. I hope that this agreement is a sign that Iran will cooperate with other countries in the world.”