US President Barack Obama stood in front of the US Congress and delivered a State of the Union address for the last time. In his speech, Obama related to the terrorist threat and the refugee issue.

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After serving 8 years in office, US President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address for the last time. While mostly he spoke about domestic issues, he also related to the Iranian nuclear issue, the terrorist threat and refugee issues. In reference to the Iranian nuclear program, Obama stated: “We imposed sanctions, we managed the crisis, and we succeeded.”

According to US President Barack Obama, “Our first goal is to protect American lives that are under threat from ISIS and Al Qaeda.” The US President added that today there is no requirement to sow destruction and fear for more than a few terrorists who don’t value human life: “The War against Terrorism is important but we don’t think it is World War III. Such thoughts just fuel terror organizations and gives them more importance.”

In his speech, Obama stated that the US Congress approved strengthening the war against ISIS. Obama also addressed the refugee crisis: “The world respects us not because of our weapons but because of the diversity among us. The future that all of us want will only come if we defend solidarity and only if we work together. Politicians that insult Muslims don’t advance us. They only distance us from our goals.”

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News