During a press conference in which Obama announced his plan to increase the oversight on weapons’ sales in the country, the US President was moved to tears when he spoke of the many mass shootings that took place during his presidency. “We are here to prevent the next mass shooting,” he stated.

Watch: Obama moved to tears during gun-control speech

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US President Barack Obama announced a series of new measures intended to increase the oversight on the purchasing of weapons in the country. “We are here to prevent the next mass shooting,” he stated during a press conference that he assembled, and promised that he would require anyone selling weapons to conduct background checks on those interested in purchasing them.

The US President pledged to recruit 230 new FBI agents, who will assist in processing the additional background checks, and claimed that he would make efforts to reduce the number of people who suffer from mental illnesses and possess weapons through a special aid program. “The gun lobby may be holding Congress hostage right now, but they cannot hold America hostage,” he stated.

While speaking of the many mass shootings that took place during his presidency, Obama was moved to tears. In the audience was former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in Arizona in 2011 during an elections convention and was critically injured. Giffords, who went through a long rehabilitation process before recovering from her injuries, was called onto the stage by the US President during the press conference.

Obama’s remarks were met with raging applause, but it is doubtful whether they will have any real impact on the ground. The US President has passed around 20 different initiatives in the past in order to try and encourage the different states to conduct background checks for those purchasing weapons, but arms sales have only went up.