Salah Amar Barghouti

Israeli security forces shot down a suspect in the Palestinian town of Ramallah and arrested several others suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack near the settlement of Ofra in the West Bank. 7 Israelis were shot at in drive-by shooting, including a pregnant woman whose baby died yesterday after being delivered prematurely 4 days earlier.

The suspect, identified as a 29-year old Salih Omar Barghouti from the Palestinian town of Kobar, was killed while trying to escape after he was discovered in his taxi vehicle where soldiers have been carrying out intensive searches over the past several days, the General Security Service (Shin Bet) has said in a statement.

An unnamed colleague of Barghouti told the Times of Israel that the gunman worked for a Ramallah-based taxi company called Rafideen. He added that he had been on duty for the past three days.

terrorist car ofra Salih Omar Barghouti

Several others suspects were also arrested when an IDF checkpoint identified a car that started a U-turn and was trying to escape, the Walla News Site reported

Also, the vehicle with which the drive-by shooting was carried out was found by Israeli security force in Ramallah.