In light of allegations of sexual harassment made this past weekend by Israeli journalist Hadas Shtaif, former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s appearance at a conference of Los Angeles’ wealthiest has been canceled by the organizer.

Ehud Olmert (Archives)

Ehud Olmert (Archives) Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles next month for a conference of the city’s wealthiest in an attempt to raise funds for and promote the book he wrote while in prison. However, in light of the sexual harassment allegations brought against him, Olmert received notice that his participation at the conference has been canceled.

The institute organizing the conference informed Olmert of the cancellation citing the recent allegations of sexual harassment made against him by Israeli journalist Hadas Shtaif. The cancellation apparently also stemmed from the concern that by the time of Olmert’s appearance next month, additional women may step forward. However, as of now, Olmert’s speaking engagement in New York has yet to be canceled.

This past Saturday, Shtaif claimed at an event in Ness Ziona that Olmert sexually harassed her as she was leaving the Israeli Broadcasting Association studios. “Many years ago, he put me up against a wall, whispered something and licked my ear.” Olmert denied the accusation.

Olmert’s office responded: “The former prime minister has a trip abroad scheduled that includes a number of appearances in front of various forums, to which he has been invited to. The trip itinerary has yet to be finalized. Mr. Olmert will travel and appear before the forums he has committed to.”