The round of attack follows an operation in the southern Gaza Strip which led to the deaths of an Israeli officer at least, and  seven terrorists, including Hamas commander, The Islamic Jihad vowed to avenge the operation by striking Israel.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) stated on Monday that Israel had begun carrying out air strikes against “terror targets throughout the Gaza Strip,” in response to mortar fire from the enclave.

The shelling from the Gaza Strip, which triggered the airstrikes, directly hit a bus in Kfar Aza earlier in the day, wounding at least one person, according to Israeli television channels. At the same time, The Jerusalem Post claimed that the vehicle was empty at the time of the strike, but confirmed that a 19-year-old Israeli man was in serious condition because of the attack.

Later, Hamas claimed responsibility for the mortar shelling.

Following the incident, Israel activated its Iron Dome aerial defence system, which intercepted some of the 80 projectiles, launched against the country. The Israel Defence Forces stated that warning sirens were sounding across the southern part of the country.

Contributed by Sputnik News