Mortar fire was apparently opened by the rebel forces towards the Russian embassy in the Syrian Capitol. A Syrian civilian was killed and 9 others were wounded. Russia: “It is an act of terror”

Mortar fire at the embassy, archive

Mortar fire at the embassy, archive Photography: Reuters

One Syrian civilian and nine others were wounded from mortar fire that was opened towards the Russian embassy in Damascus today (Thursday). So reports French news agency AFP.

In a statement from the Russian Foreign Affairs Office it was said that no Russian citizens were harmed in the attack, that according assessments, was carried out by the rebel forces. The buildings suffered minor damages.

“It is an act of terror” the Foreign Affairs Office statement emphasized. The Russian embassy complex has been the target for rebel forces in a number of events in recent months. The opposition forces are furious over the continued backing from Moscow for the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Last September, Russia stood behind the initiative to sign the chemical weapons disarmament agreement with the Syrian regime. This agreement removed the threat of an American attack in the country, which was raised following evidence of use of chemical weapons.