Magen David Adom medics and firefighters were called to the scene of a fire that broke out in Moshav Porat following an explosion in a fireworks factory. Two have been pronounced dead, seven are injured. Footage: huge flames, heavy smoke and explosions as the firework factory burns.

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Earlier today (Tuesday), an explosion occurred in a firework factory in Moshav Porat in the Lev Hasharon Regional Council near Tel Mond. A 50 year-old man was injured in the blast and evacuated to Belinson Hospital in serious condition where he, along with one other victim injured at the scene, was pronounced dead. Seven others were injured including two children, and one person is listed as missing. Serious damage was done to the homes surrounding the factory. 

The Israel Police reported that following their assessment of the situation, none of the residents would be allowed to enter the neighborhood and whoever was home at the time was told to seek cover in a protected shelter.

Heavy smoke from the explosions

Heavy smoke from the explosions Photo credit: Pisgate Maodknim/ Channel 2 News

Magen David Adom reported that medics and paramedics are providing medical care at the site and had evacuated two people: the 50 year-old man who suffered from and subsequently died from severe burns and a 30 year-old who suffered injuries in his upper body.