Many women have written Facebook and Twitter posts using the hashtag #WhenIGetMurdered, to protest the authorities’ incompetence in dealing with the rising number of murder cases.

Photo credit: Katarzyna Białasiewicz, 2 News

A new Israeli online campaign is protesting the growing number of domestic murders of women, accusing the authorities of failing to deal with the issue.

As part of the campaign, many women have written Facebook and Twitter posts describing their own hypothetical murder, using the Hebrew hashtag #WhenIGetMurdered.

Just last week, four Israeli women were murdered by their partners.

“#WhenIGetMurdered, the Prime Minister will not talk about it, not even the female ministers,” wrote one Facebook user. “I’ll just join the unimportant statistics of an unimportant minority.”

“#WhenIGetMurdered, I hope the headlines call me a ‘young woman from Tel Aviv’ even though I’m already 30,” wrote another. “My parents will fight for justice but get none.”

Labor MK Shelly Yachimovich has also joined the campaign, tweeting, “Just imagine if those four women had been murdered by terrorists and not their partners. State of Emergency announced. Forces deployed. Stern press conferences.”