About an hour after it was reported that the residents of Amona received a 48-hour eviction notice, IDF forces began to set up in the area ahead of the evacuation. Soldiers are now stationed at the various entrances to the outpost and permitting only residents to enter Amona.

Watch: Only Amona residents allowed to enter the outpost

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A few hours after an eviction notice was sent to the residents of Amona, informing them that they have 48 hours to leave their homes, the IDF began to set up military checkpoints at all the entrances to the outpost. Officers from the Israel Police Special Patrol Unit are also at the scene and allowing only Amona residents to enter the outpost.

“After 48 hours from when the notice was given, no person will be allowed to enter the area,” read the notice signed by IDF Central Command Commander Roni Numa. “Under my authority as the commander of the IDF forces in the area, I’m proclaiming this land demarcated territory.” In addition, the notice orders Amona residents to begin moving their belongings outside of the territory.

Near Amona, today

Near Amona, today Photo Credit: Ehud Amiton/TPS/Channel 2 News

According to the notice, the residents will need to evacuate every building in the outpost including the ones that were not mentioned in the Israeli Supreme Court ruling.

Meanwhile, Israeli security forces have been preparing for the evacuation. Last night, seven minors were arrested for trying to prevent workers from paving a bypass to the outpost. The road is supposed to be used by IDF and Israel Police forces during the evacuation. The minors claim that the police officers were violent with them but the Israel Police has rejected this allegation.

IDF soldiers near Amona

IDF soldiers near Amona Photo Credit: Ehud Amiton/TPS/Channel 2 News

“We want to clarify that the IDF is preparing for the evacuation of Amona in accordance with the orders given by the political echelon,” stated the IDF Spokesperson.

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