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Lucía Martínez explains that imposing a solution on Israel regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an absurd idea that will never happen. According to Martínez, the Trump administration will be able to aid Israel and the Palestinians in putting an end to the long-standing conflict.

Palestinians in the West Bank

Palestinians in the West Bank Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Long lasting conflicts usually hide ulterior motives and interests that prolong them and regional nationalism is no different. You take a strong willing and proud ethnicity and fabricate for them a history of occupation by a foreign invader, which will give them a sense of belonging and the goal to liberate themselves. You then mix it in the blender with early and violent indoctrination in schools and a well-orchestrated international propagandistic campaign and voilà, you have an extremely lucrative business going on for decades that only needs a network of agitators in the form of opinion-makers in the state-controlled media to keep stewing it.

So-called nationalist leaders need an enemy as the spine of their discourse, an oppressor to inflame the consciences of their people with those needs that Maslow described so well in his pyramid to distract their compatriots from the inefficiency of their governance, institutionalized corruption and the obvious fact that despite their ardent appeals, they do not want the presumptive “dis-occupation” and “independence,” which they by the way already enjoy in some cases.

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

Donald Trump and Jared Kushner Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

This game is sometimes also played along by the pretended oppressor, who is never really responsible for anything else but the lack of political will to end a situation that he uses to harangue his own voters. And it only ends when someone with the necessary authority and pragmatism decides to extinguish the whole masquerade, which by dint of being repeated, really seems to have become a reality in the collective consciousness of their own people and the international community.

That figure has hopefully come along in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with the new US administration of Donald Trump and his Senior Adviser for the Middle East Jared Kushner, both successful businessmen with the needed drive for the job and with no experience in the world of geopolitics, they have no servitudes in that field. 

And it is only the possibility of a solution to this kind of conflict that makes its true instigators and beneficiaries surface and reveal their true nature and financial and professional interests. I have seen this for decades in various parts of the world including my home country, Spain, and their objectives are always the same: to financially squeeze and destroy their alleged oppressor and to enrich themselves to an unimaginable extent for generations to come.

Interested as I have always been in the Middle East, I ran into a very puzzling article the other day titled Palestinians: Why a Regional Peace Process Would Fail. In it, every plausible option to solve the conflict is unmercifully attacked, repudiated and categorically dismissed and condemned, other than to have “Europeans” (not all of the European countries but only those carefully selected by the author: France, Norway, Sweden and Belgium) impose upon Israel a solution.

As a lawyer and apparently better-versed individual in the real history of the region and of the disputed territories, I cannot help but wonder how can anyone even talk about such an outrageous, illegal, unfair and absurd deal without pointing out that such a fraud could not be and will not be signed (leave aside to be implemented) for multiple obvious reasons. The acquiescence of more than questionable Europeans politicians, whose governance and policies have been disastrous especially in regard to coping with Islamic radicalism, is simply not enough.

But the load of piffle does not end there. Palestinians and other Arab countries certainly do not hate each other. Quite on the contrary, there has always been a sense of brotherly solidarity among them, reflected in the form of unconditional political and financial support from the Muslim countries for decades. And neither Syria, Lebanon nor Egypt are afraid of a regional peace process since all those hypothetic concessions they would be forced to make are simply not on the negotiation table, nor their national securities would be jeopardized.

This ever-lasting support, especially from the Gulf countries, will surely continue but with a different and resolutive, fair and productive approach based on the historical, legal and logical reasons that should have led the international community and those Arab countries long ago to concede at the UN the State of Israel: Israel to the Israelis, including Judea and Samaria, and Jordan to the Palestinians.

This is a deal that I have no doubt will be adopted under the umbrella of the new strong and pragmatic American leadership, which along with the rest of the world will hopefully re-orient their policies in the aim to focus on concluding the conflict satisfactorily for both the Palestinian and the Israeli people, not for their leaders.

But above all, unlike such apocalyptic Palestinian opinion-makers, I trust in the capacity of the Palestinian people to get rid of all that hatred that has been inoculated into them since birth for generations, to confront together and overcome the changes and difficulties ahead once they will have their own state east of the Jordan river to live in peace among them and with the brave leader who will rule them and guide them into a new era, free from Fatah, Hamas and the abusive King of Jordan, who deprives them of the most basic civil rights, and in peace with their neighbors from their beloved Arab and Muslim brothers, the West and the world.