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Shipan Kumer Basu explains how radical Islamism and racist ideology is being taught in Bangladeshi schools. He believes that this will destroy the country.

Photo Credit: Shipan Kumer Basu

Now, it is crystal clear that Bangladesh is going to be the next Afghanistan.   The Bangladeshi Hindus will be forced out of the country. We can see the future of Bangladesh by looking at what the children are learning in schools. Sheikh Hasina in cooperation with ISIS has implemented a racist educational system within the country that will destroy Bangladesh’s healthy and progressive educational system.  How can we permit our children to suffer this?

Opposition leaders are being arrested by Policemen dressed as civilians. After a number of days, they are portrayed to be terrorists and are then shot dead in the homes of Awami League leaders. Then, in the international community, Sheikh Hasina is portrayed as an ally against the radical Islamists. In this way, Sheikh Hasina has been keeping the international community in the dark.

Torture and the ethnic cleansing of minorities occurs most frequently where Sheikh Hasina is the most dominant. No journalist is permitted to publish these facts. There is a media blackout. Sheikh Hasina and her relatives are racists.   Their attitude is totally antagonistic towards Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and other indigenous communities. Before the elections, Sheikh Hasina pretends to be secular but after the elections, she treats minorities as unbelieving second-class citizens.

The present Bangladeshi educational system is very similar to Pakistan’s. Sheikh Hasina is planting radicalism and racism into the minds of innocent children and it will destroy the nation in the future. Sheikh Hasina has Christian and Jewish relatives but this does not stop her from harming the innocent children and the minority communities. This year, a Hindu writer’s book has been removed from the educational system just because of his faith.   She also removed scientific laws that were discovered by non-Muslims from the curriculum. This comes at a time when Sheikh Hasina also passed a law in parliament barring blood transfusions between Hindus and Muslims. Via the children, she is destroying the multicultural ties within the country for the future.

I call upon all minorities to condemn Sheikh Hasina’s educational system.   We should remember that no weapons can destroy a country or nation.  Only if the educational system is destroyed is a country finished.  The educational system of a country determines whether it is an enlightened nation or a country living in the shadows of the darkness.   Now, the educational system is similar to Pakistan.   It will soon become like Afghanistan.

All the while, there is no freedom in Bangladesh.   BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury is still in police custody because he met with Mendi Safadi, an Israeli diplomat working for minority rights in Bangladesh. Safadi is a vocal person working worldwide against this governments’ oppression.   Chowdhury is also a noble person and he donates money to different Hindu temples as well as other cultural programs.   But this government has held him in custody for a year.  

We all support Donald Trump’s attitude for worldwide peace building. Now is the time for Sheikh Hasina to fall from power for she is implementing Obama’s and Clinton’s plan to have ISIS infiltrate the country.   We must all walk down the enlightened path and to expel the forces of darkness from our nation by the bright light of enlightenment and multiculturalism. No more Sheikh Hasina. No more Awami League government. Our fight is going on everywhere and it will be continued until we get our rights back. It is time for the pen to overcome the dark forces of radical Islamism that is penetrating our school system, thus harming the future of our beautiful country.