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Shipan Kuper Basu explains in his recent op-ed how the Bangladeshi together is working together with ISIS in order to ethnically cleanse Hindus and other minority groups from the country.

Photo Credit: Mendi Safadi

In recent days, it has become crystal clear to us that the ethnic cleansing and uprooting of minorities in Bangladesh is systematically designed and implemented by the Awami League government. On August 20, 2000, activist Mr. Kali Das Boral was killed by the Awami League. All of the people of Bangladesh raised up their voices against the murder and I was a leader in these demonstrations. Due to this, I was in Police custody for 47 days.  Similarly, four of our brothers (Peal Shorma, Ajoy, Anuvoy, and Nayen) were arrested for protesting against government oppression in 2016.  Sheikh Hasin should keep in mind that times have changed.

In Brahmonbaria, more than 300 Hindu minority homes have been burnt, over 20 temples were destroyed, assets such as gold, money, and furniture were looted and many women were beaten.  The victims are suffering from oppression by ruling party leaders in different ways. Awami League local leaders provided funds to bring terrorists by truck and bus in order to uproot minority households. A facebook account belonging to Mr. Rosraj, a member of the Hindu minority, was hacked into by Jahangeer, a local Muslim Awami League member. There, he made Islamist posts and mocked the Hindu gods.   Afterwards, the Police went after Rosoraj and he is still in Police custody. It was a local conflict between groups of the Awami League.

The Police have arrested innocent people who tried to protect the Hindu minority.  600 indigenous Hindu homes have been uprooted due to the direct influence of the local Awami League leaders. The Police have set fire to the homes of the indigenous people in Bogra, killing 3 and seizing 21 acres of land by force.  Another Hindu house was burnt by local Awami League leaders and they occupied their land by force.   The Lalon Sango Program, which is a cultural association, has been closed down by Islamist fundamentalist leaders.

Ruhinghay Muslims who were deported from Myanmar took shelter in Bangladesh. In addition to that, the Bangladeshi government agreed to provide humanitarian support for these deported people. I saw that many local leaders are ready to even fight against Myanmar in order to support the deported Ruhinghay. 

 I have visited many deported Hindu minorities households who live an inhuman life in the West Bengal of India. They did not get Indian citizenship, even though they have no future for their next generation. A great members of the Hindu minority were killed off by local Awami League leaders and their land was occupied over the last five years.

Systematically, the Awami League leaders are continuously trying to hurt Hindu minorities in all aspects. Last month, they intentionally distributed 800 beef mixed food packages among 800 students in Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in order to hurt the sentiment of the Hindu minority students.  After an investigation, it is come out that all of the organizers and food suppliers of these programs were Awami League supporters and leaders who did it intentionally.

According to the plan constructed by the Awami League government, they seek to continuously oppress Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and others minorities in different systematic ways by which minorities are bound to leave the country. 

In Chittagong, 4 Hindu minority activists protesting against these types of oppression were arrested. Some of them were even threatened by the Awami League leaders.  An example is Mr. Sitangsu Guha, whoe spoke out against the continuous oppression of minotiries in Bangladesh.   Dr. Siddiqur Rahman, President of the Awami League Branch in the US, threatened him for these actions.  It is a crucial signal from the government.  It is clear that ministers, MPs and other leaders are fully involved in the human rights violation of cleansing minorities from the country.  

Now, I would request to  that the national and international mainstream print and electronic media raise awareness about this in the United Nations, the European Union, the US and among human rights organizations.   We are very much grateful to Mendi Safadi being with us as a brother and focusing upon this oppression in different international forums. In every event and every encounter in the UN or in the US Congress or the European Parliament, Mendi Safadi, the head of Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, Research and Public Relations, is representing the issue of minorities in Bangladesh, and the brutal arrests of leaders and human rights activists within the country.

I believe that the repressive regime and the ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Hasina must come to an end. If we are unable to change this government, if the Awami League government continues in Bangladesh, by 2030, Bangladesh will be a 100% Muslim country and all minorities will have disappeared. I hope that the Bangladeshi people will choose leaders who will give all the people democratic rights and equality like others multicultural healthy nations.   

The Awami League government`s goal is to spread out the oppression against minorities in the entire country so that Hindus and others minorities will be bound to leave this country. They think that it is a great chance to grab all their lands and assets. At the time of Bangladeshi independence in 1971, minorities constituted 28% of the population.  Now, they make up 9% of the population. This is enough to prove how the government and their fundamentalist supporters are forcing minorities to leave the country. I think the goal of Sheikh Hasina in the spread of ISIS and other terror groups in Bangladesh is to uproot minority groups and to replace them with Ruhyangha.   I also think that Sheikh Hasina is following the guidelines provided by the Obama administration.   This is not the vision of the founders of Bangladesh.   Their vision cannot be implemented by the Awami League government so they should step down immediately. No more Awami League government!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  We must take them to the international courts for their crimes against humanity!