Hamas's leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar,
Hamas terrorist leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar.

If until now it was not clear, we need to sound all of the warning bells and to clarify again the significance in the change of approach towards terrorism and those that deal with terrorism.  Until we understand the failures in dealing with terrorism, we will continue to suffer from it and to defend ourselves without the ability to suppress the terrorism.  We will continue to lack a way to achieve our goals and when the disturbances are collective, there is no reason not to have a collective punishment.

The first change that needs to be done is to recognize that it is impossible to fight against terrorism with democratic tools.  This is how the tools of the democratic system takes care of the law and punishes those responsible. They prevent the possibility of taking steps to prevent the opening of terror groups and if this is not enough, the democracy permits them freedom of movement and activity as well as the freedom to publish inciteful and hateful material about the State of Israel.

The democratic tools permit them to fight against every Israeli Arab that supports Israel and to use hatred against Israel in order to recruit contributions to fight against Israel.   It is absurd that the country is tying its hands and preventing others from fighting those that want our extinction. This is the situation with the Islamic Movement as it stands presently in the State of Israel more than any other place both regionally and internationally.

And these preventative steps can be simple and effective in ruling our country as we desire and not to continue to be a democracy on the defense.  We should instead take initiative, as deterring just such a change like this takes an economic toll mainly in regards to human life. We should make the Islamic Movement illegal and arrest its heads.

We are obliged to implement a punishment of three years minimum, a law forbidding the waving of the flags of enemy countries and organizations, eliminating like the Muslim countries incitement messages in news articles and from imams in mosques, to inspect Arab journalists and to punish inciteful remarks masked under the claim of freedom of expression. But these steps are included in every healthy society.  We need to impose this without harming the democratic character of the country.

As the war against terror submerges these things, as every investigator of the Shin Bet receives the right to operate against the terrorists, these are more intelligence tools given to them than tools to prevent terrorism in the framework of the emergency laws.  In order to prevent terrorism, we need to unravel a method required for such an achievement, such as collective punishment, which is not a dirty word when the incitement is collective.

Any claim that a terrorist comes to implement a terror attack without anyone noticing is far from the reality in Arab culture. The family within Arab society is the most influential factor for the character of the behavior conducted by the children, so including acts of family responsibility for children and some punishment has an effective result not affected by the narrative that surrounds the civilian system.

Some say that the proposal is not democratic and immoral, ignoring the fact that terrorism is not democratic and is immoral.  Furthermore, if immorality will prevent a terrorist from entering a bus, restaurant or crowded place where he would hurt others, then I have no regrets about immorality to save lives.   People that that have mercy on cruelty are cruel to themselves is not just a statement.  This statement characterizes the conduct against terrorism.

This compassion conducted by Israeli governments since the beginning of the country increases the cruelty of our enemies and aggravates the terrorism that harms us.  Terrorism must be eliminated within the limits of democracy but we must respond with an iron first to those that endanger Israeli citizens and the main thing is to preserve our existence in peace rather than pursue peace while our survival is threatened.

Mendi Safadi, the head of the Safadi Center for Lobbying in International Diplomacy, explained the steps that need to be taken in order to deal with terror attacks.

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