As the Scottish philosopher Adam Smith once said, “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”  No nation on earth should show any mercy to any radical Islamist terror group, anywhere in the world! 

Western journalists were once again attacked within a Muslim majority country.  According to the Bangladeshi media, 6 journalists and their assistants were recently assaulted and critically injured while making a documentary inside a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. Three of the injured were German journalists: Gunder Stegner, Stefanie Appel, and Ernico Leube.  Among the injured is also Bangladeshi correspondent Md Shihab, driver Nabiul Alam and police escort Jakir Hossain. In addition to being assaulted to the point of sustaining critical injuries, the 6 had valuables stolen from them including their passports, their documents, their cameras and their baggage.  The victims also had their cars vandalized.

Following the attack, the injured were rescued and taken to Army Camp Hospital for treatment.  In addition, the investigation into the incident has begun.  So far, 11 Rohingyas are in Bangladeshi custody due to the shocking assault on the German journalists and those assisting them.  According to Germany’s Ambassador to Bangladesh, the incident occurred because of a misunderstanding, noting that minor girls were inside the vehicle with them.

According to a statement issued by the Rohingya Refugee Committee, “The Rohingya community assumed that the children were being trafficked, as it has happened frequently in the camps.  People asked the driver and the interpreter why the children had been taken with them but they did not explain themselves well to the people.  So, some emotional persons suspected them of being traffickers and protested against trafficking.  We are extremely sorry about the attack on the journalists.  Therefore, we would kindly request that the Bangladeshi government, NGOs and agencies be calm on this issue; we are also providing awareness to people to remain calm in future situations.  This shows the need for more security inside the camps.  It would be better if the government would deploy more security.”

The question remains, was ARSA or another Rohingya rebel group behind this recent violent incident or did these Rohingya attackers act alone in the heat of the moment against the German journalists and their staff?  Although no group has of yet taken responsibility for attacking the German journalists, Shipan Kumer Basu, the President of the World Hindu Struggle Committee, recently stated that there are Rohingya rebel groups active in the Bangladeshi refugee camps who are involved in criminal and terrorist activity: “There are Muslim Rohingya that are being given training in different ways at the behest of the Sheikh Hasina government.  They were also given fake passports so that they could carry out terror attacks abroad. Already, there have been reports of Rohingya refugees found with fake passports in Saudi Arabia and Australia.  My group believes that these individuals could potentially pose a threat to the West.”

According to the Clarion Project, the Rohingya rebel group ARSA is linked to ISIS, Al Qaeda and Lashkar e-Tolba, the Pakistani terror group that was responsible for a series of terror attacks in Mumbai, India in 2008 that led to the massacre of 164 people.  In addition, they claim that ARSA is also linked to Jamaat u-Mujadeen Bangladesh, which was held responsible for the terror attack in the Dhaka café that led to the slaughter of 20 hostages. There are also reports in the Indian media that ARSA is linked to Jaish E-Mohammed, which recently murdered 40 Indian soldiers in a terror attack in Pulwama.  According to Haaretz, China has vetoed the labeling of Jaish E-Mohammed as a terror group in the UN in return for Pakistan remaining quiet on its persecution of Uighur Muslims.  Meanwhile, according to the report, Saudi Arabia has beefed up its political and financial support for Pakistan in return for the country joining its anti-Iran coalition, right as India is threatening to retaliate for the deadly terror attack within its border.

In light of recent developments, it would be advisable for the State of Israel to assist India in its efforts to classify Rohingya and Pakistani Islamist terror groups as such at the UN.  Doing so not only will greatly improve Indian-Israeli bilateral relations but could also lead to India assisting Israel in its efforts to classify Hamas and Hezbollah as terror organizations across the globe.  If the world truly wishes to tackle radical Islamist terror, we must all unite in our efforts to crush not only ISIS and Al Qaeda but also the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Lashkar e-Toiba, Boko Haram, ARSA, Jamaat U-Mujadeen Bangladesh, Jaish e-Mohammed and all of the other radical Islamist terror groups that harm innocent people across the globe.  As the Scottish philosopher Adam Smith once said, “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”  No nation on earth should show any mercy to any radical Islamist terror group, anywhere in the world!  For this reason, China letting Jaish E-Mohammed off the hook is not only despicable to India but to the entire free world and Israel must stand in solidarity with our Indian allies at this crucial hour.