Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once wrote, “A lie gets halfway across the world before the truth has got a chance to put its shoes on.”   As a professional communications specialist, I am of the opinion that it is of pivotal importance that anyone who cares about human rights and the dignity of man support the West in their struggle against the Iranian axis, who systematically slaughters, rapes and tortures the people under their iron grip.

For this reason, I support Israel in its struggle against Hamas and Hezbollah, and I also support Azerbaijan in its struggle against Armenia, who despite its façade of being a Christian state is nothing more than a proxy of the mullah’s regime.    Given this, I am greatly disturbed by the biased coverage displayed by Human Rights Watch, both against the State of Israel and its ally, Azerbaijan.

During the Second Lebanon War, Human Rights Watch systematically condemned Israel for its use of cluster bombs, after they killed one civilian and wounded several others in Blida.  “Cluster munitions are unacceptably inaccurate and unreliable weapons when used around civilians,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch. “They should never be used in populated areas.”  Human Rights Watch also systematically condemned Israel throughout the Second Lebanon War for “indiscriminate airstrikes” against Lebanese civilians.

However, when Hezbollah hit the Haifa train depot, killing eight Israel Railway workers, Human Rights Watch was silent.  They were also completely silent when Hezbollah rockets hit Israeli cities, towns, synagogues, schools and homes, killing 44 Israeli civilians as they indiscriminately targeted non-combatants, making a third of the State of Israel unable to live a normal life.  In fact, they were even silent when Hezbollah rockets murdered members of Israel’s Druze minority, who were doing nothing more than trying to survive.    Furthermore, they held Israel responsible whenever Lebanese civilians were killed when Hezbollah utilized them as human shields.

Human Rights Watch held this position, even though the war was started when Hezbollah abducted two Israeli soldiers and killed three others in a cross-border raid.   In the end, the two Israeli soldiers abducted by Hezbollah were also murdered by the brutal terror organization.  Yet, if Israel starts a war to save human lives in a vain attempt to free abducted soldiers, Human Rights Watch condemns the pro-Western side that is a victim of aggression by an Iranian proxy, and not the brutal Hezbollah terror organization.

Similarly, in recent days, we have witnessed that Human Rights Watch has behaved in a similar manner towards Azerbaijan, who is a strong ally of both America and the State of Israel in their struggle against Iranian aggression.  They have condemned Azerbaijan’s use of cluster bombs in Azerbaijan and took the fact that they used it at face value, even though they were relying heavily upon Armenian sources, while they proclaimed that the Azerbaijani claim that the Armenians used cluster bombs could not be “independently verified.”

On top of that, they minimized the fact that the conflict started in response to an Armenian attack, just like the Second Lebanon War began following a Hezbollah attack, as if it was immaterial and not important for the Armenians claimed that they are under a “full scale Azerbaijani attack.”  However, the fact that the Azerbaijanis were responding to an Armenian attack was treated as something not important for the Azerbaijanis “provided no further details.”  In fact, Human Rights Watch did not issue a separate condemnation of Armenia for attacking Ganja twice with indiscriminate missile attacks, wantonly targeting civilian areas. The main victims were women and children. The main international organizations such the United Nations and European Union condemned this attack against civilians. Even the Israeli ambassador payed a visit to Ganja city and laid down flowers for victims and provided humanitarian aid for the State of Israel.

The fact that Human Rights Watch did not do likewise shows their systematic bias. As NGO Monitor noted in their analysis of Human Right’s Watch’s coverage of the Second Lebanon War, “Human Right’s Watch’s reporting continues to distort the context and suggests a false moral equivalence between aggressor and defender.”   In other words, in the eyes of Human Rights Watch, it does not matter who started the conflict and that one side is pro-Western, while the other is backed by the Islamic Republic of Iran, one of the greatest state sponsors of terrorism in the world.  Both Israel and Azerbaijan suffer because of this biased coverage by Human Rights Watch in recent days.  Iran is providing weapons and other dangerous materials since the beginning of the war and still keeps it going regardless of the fact that there have been demonstrations by the community of 30 million Azerbaijanis in Iran.

Interestingly, both Haaretz and the Middle East Eye have now published anti-Azerbaijan articles based upon the Human Rights Watch report, while stressing that they were using the same “Israeli-made cluster bombs” that Israel utilized during the Second Lebanon War. The fact that Azerbaijan is fighting against a country that is strongly backed by the mullah’s in Tehran, just like Hezbollah presently is, following attacks by the other side does not prompt them to change their coverage.

I would like to underline that military operations are conducted in Azerbaijan’s territory recognized by the international community. Armenia refuses to comply with 4 UN Security Council resolutions (822, 853, 874 and 884) and does not end the occupation of Azerbaijani territories. The Azerbaijani state has no territorial claims against any other state and is not targeting civilians. Azerbaijan is a tolerant and multicultural country that respects international law, and everyone lives in this country in peace and security. There are 30 thousands Jewish people living in Azerbaijan for over two thousand years in peace and harmony.

Actually, Azerbaijan is protecting its territorial integrity and the safety of its civilians. There is still almost one million Internally Displaced People in Azerbaijan who are waiting to return to their homes since the 1990’s. The Armenian aggression violates the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and prevents those people from returning to their homes, where they can enjoy peace and stability. It is the fundamental right of millions of Azerbaijani IDPs to return to the lands where they were born and belong. The Armenians drove these people out of their homes, and those houses were turned into ruins.

Human Rights Watch has to defend the rights of these IDPs, who lost everything because of Armenian military aggression.  However, they are looking for the pretexts to attack Azerbaijan for no reason, just like they did towards Israel during the Second Lebanon War.