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Hindu rights activist Shipan Kumer Basu explained why India should support the Hindu minority in Bangladesh by not supporting the present government in the country.

Photo Credit: Hindu Struggle Committee

I condemn Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is responsible for the oppression of minorities and Hindus in Bangladesh. We also condemn the appeasement of Bangladesh by the Indian Government for their one way diplomacy, which is totally wrong. India is always giving to Bangladesh and they never satisfy them. Geopolitically, India is a big looser with their bilateral relationships with Bangladesh. We strongly condemn that the Indian Government named a prominent street, which is situated in the heart of the Indian capital of Delhi, after Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the founder of Bangladesh. There is no Mahatama Gandhi or Indira Gandhi Road in Dhaka, though we sacrificed more than ten thousands soldiers and billions of rupees for their liberation.

Now, Bangladeshi leader Sheikh Hasina and her Awami League is completely involved in state sponsored terrorism. They destroy Hindu Temples, Buddhist Pagoda’s & Christian Churches. Unfortunately, we never properly studied or highlighted the anti-Hindu role of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman during the partition of India. We appeal to the Indian government, especially Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, please feel the sorrow and grief of the Bangladeshi minorities. They are facing brutal atrocities and existential attacks in Bangladesh. It’s not less than a genocide. Indeed, it’s the ethnic cleansing of Hindus.

Mr. Modi should pressure Bangladeshi leader Sheikh Hasina to stop false the accusations against religious minorities and to stop immediately the persecution of Hindus. Mr. Modi, also stop every kind of support and help to Bangladesh till Sheikh Hasina stops suppressing minority voices and killing off progressive Muslims and freethinkers. The Indian government should be aware of this fact that now, Sheikh Hasina’s government are natural allies for terrorist elements in Bangladesh. That’s why Bangladesh is now the epicenter of terrorism. ISIS can’t survive there without support of Sheikh Hasina’s government.

It’s a big geopolitical threat to our nation. West Bangal Chief Minister Mamta Didi already shows her worries about this on twitter. It’s time to wake up and take some firm steps. Please, remember after India and Nepal, Bangladesh has the third largest population of Hindus. At the time of partition of India, the population of Bangladesh was 39 percent Hindu. Now, they only make up 8 percent due to the targeted communal violence. Every day, 632 Hindus are forced to leave Bangladesh and about one thousand Hindus are being slaughtered. Sexual violence against Hindu women is inhumane and occurs on a regular basis. Taslima Nasreen, Salam Azad and other Bangladeshi independent thinkers have given a lot of information to the public in this regard through the media. The Hindu Struggle Committee organized a protest for raising their voices and getting the attention of governments in both countries on the planned killing of Hindus, the strategic conversion policies against Hindus and other Non-Muslim groups supported by the administration and government in Bangladesh. The planned killing, forced conversions, rapes of Hindu girls and women and then forcing them to marry their rapists and get converted to Islam has become a daily routine in Bangladesh. Hindus pretty soon won’t exist any more in Bangladesh.

To the contrary, India a Hindu majority countrym has a good growing percentage of Muslims, some of whom are and were holding various prestigious positions in the history of India, whether it be the late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Ex President of India or Dr. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India, Minorities have always been provided with opportunities for their growth and expansion by the majority population, which believes in the concept of Vasudeva Kutumbakam and treats every human as a part of God, signifying the ever tolerant and secular element present among Hindu people. But if we look around to our neighbors like Bangladesh, we must worry and must do something really strong in order to ensure that their existence in Bangladesh should not be challenged by any radical Islamic terrorist groups active in Bangladesh or by the government of Bangladesh’s policy of strategically and cleverly eliminating the Hindu Population through providing free handouts to Islamist terrorists in order to kill and commit mass murders, commit rapes, kidnap small Hindu girls and sell them, forcefully rape them, and ultimately marry and convert Hindu women, which must stop.

Furthermore, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has designated the demands of Hefazat-e-Islami into the syllabus in the curriculum with the postgraduate recognition of Quami Madrasa. Other Islamic groups have threatened Hindus to remove sculptures in front of the Supreme Court. Hefazat-e-Islam says, “If the statue is not removed, Hindus will not live in peace.”

In 1964, the then Pakistani government enacted the Enemy Property Act to confiscate Hindus’ property. After the liberation of the country, Bangabandhu’s government changed the name of the property from the Enemy’s Property Act in 1973 to the Vested Property Law so far that the old law is in force. As a result, Bangladeshi law is leading to the destruction of thousands of acres of property. However, if a Muslim family is abroad, he can pay a salary of five to seven thousand rupees to guard his property. Meanwhile, Hindus who take shelter in a neighboring state have their property declared to be vested property.

The Hindu Struggle Committee has been protesting to open the ear drums of deaf governments to act and ensure the protection of the lives of Hindus living in Bangladesh, ensure that they can live with respect and dignity along with conserving and protecting their religious values and temples, which are getting dismantled on a daily basis. The Hindus in Bangladesh are at a point of extinction and if necessary steps are not taken by the government of Bangladesh, then the Hindu Struggle Committee will take this issue to every Parliament which believes in secularism and respects human lives.

Today, temples are getting dismantled, the Hindu people and their religion are under attack and the government is equally responsible and participates in these terrorist acts against Hindus in Bangladesh. The Hindu Struggle Committee will take this matter further and we seek intervention of the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard in order to ensure that Hindus live a dignified and safe live in Bangladesh and should be safe and prosperous and we will keep working on this until Hindus are safe in each and every corner of this world. The Hindu Struggle committee wants to convey this message to not only the government of Bangladesh and India but to the whole world that they should join this fight with us and raise their voices against the brutality being perpetrated against Hindus and they should act to ensure that the human rights of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh should not overlooked.

We demand that the Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Adibashi party will have the opportunity to participate in the elections by registering. We want that this party will be able to have free and democratic election campaigns. We want that all of the cases will be withdrawn on the basis of false allegations against party president and leaders. We demand that the Vested Property Law will be revoked. We demand that they stop stealing minority property and will protect minority religious shrines. And most importantly, we demand that the Bangladeshi government start to punish individuals for raping, forcefully converting, kidnapping, looting, destroying Hindu deities, acts of vandalism and house burning that has affected numerous Hindu women.