American-Israeli Lou Brifman comments the Israeli-American-Palestinian triangle as US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration approaches. Brifman explains that when Trump attempts to broker a deal between Israel and the Palestinians, he should remember, among other things, that Israel has been America’s ally since 1948.

US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to Webster’s Dictionary, an ally is “a person or group that gives help to another person or group.”  By this definition, the answer to the question is yes. However, what happens when your ally allies itself with another person or group that has, as its sole purpose, your destruction?

I believe that this has been the situation with the U.S., Israel and the “Palestinian Authority.” Israel’s interests are simple – to live in peace within secure borders with all of its neighbors. The interests of the PA and the groups affiliated with it are to continually disparage Israel in all areas. Their ultimate goal is to gain support for Israel’s eventual political destruction and dissolution, replacing it with a pure Palestinian state, free of not only the Jews who live there but also all historical references that Jews ever existed in this land.

The U.S. has been attempting to broker a peace deal for years. Our “ally” constantly pressures Israel to accept the PA’s “pre-conditions” before coming to a peace conference.  For example, as a sign of good faith, Israel has been asked to give up land for peace, release captured terrorists and halt all settlement construction in the West Bank.  No pre-conditions have ever been placed upon the PA to publicly recognize the right of Israel to exist within secure borders as a Jewish state.

I believe that at the very least the PA should be required to stop educating their youth that it is acceptable to kill Jews and as stated above, the PA needs to recognize the State of Israel as a Jewish state. The statement published by the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, on May 13, 2014, “PA Ministry of Culture teaches kids not to recognize Israel,” is simply unacceptable and our “ally” should recognize this.

There is no question that the U.S. has been the largest supplier of military aid to Israel. But, these sales have also benefitted weapons manufacturers in the U.S. However, Israel is currently cultivating other relationships to supply military equipment so that it is not as dependent on our “ally” for future weapons.

The following has been said before but bears repeating. It is interesting to note that before Israel was “re-created” in 1948, through a U.N. resolution, not only did the Palestinian people not exist, but there was no expressed desire to have a Palestinian state separate from Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt or any other Arab country in the region.

Bearing this in mind, it only makes sense to say that at best, the concept of a Palestinian state came into being only with the birth of the State of Israel. 

I think that President-elect Donald Trump would do well to keep the above facts in mind as he tries to make the ultimate deal of his career. Be fair, but remember who your ally is and who represents the same democratic values as America. Israel wants peace as much if not more than anyone else, but NOT at the cost of its very existence.