Americans should know that what starts out with others can and will come back to haunt them at home.  

As the Trump administration plans to withdraw its forces from Syria, a series of obstacles now stand in the way of the US following through and doing so.  Yet still, even though the US President is entertaining the notion of leaving behind some forces at one base within Syria, Trump refuses to change his general course, insisting on maintaining his “America first” foreign policy to the detriment of the free world, even though members of his government have resigned and many Republicans have begged him to change his disastrous policy.  Now more than ever, it has become self-evident that Trump’s isolationism, which has an uncanny resemblance to Obama-era appeasement of radical Islam, does nothing but encourage ISIS terrorism and Iranian aggression in the Middle East.

It is critical to highlight that a complete US troop withdrawal from Syria would lead to the establishment of an uninterrupted Shia Crescent from Tehran to the Mediterranean Sea, a reality that should bother a US President who is presently sanctioning the Iranian regime and prides himself on being tough on the mullahs.  Indeed, Trump’s withdrawal from Syria comes at a time when Israel is increasingly attacking Iran in Syria and many analysts have argued the only ones who would benefit from a US troop withdrawal are Iran and Turkey, who is backing the Muslim Brotherhood and other radical groups in the region.  In fact, Syrian Kurdish dissident Sherkoh Abbas has argued that a US troop withdrawal from Syria under the present circumstances would be like handing over the area on a silver platter to Iran and radical Islam.  For this reason, Israel is presently lobbying the US to not withdraw all of its forces from Syria.

However, Iran is not the only reason why a US troop withdrawal at this time would pose a threat to Israel’s security.  Another major obstacle is the fact that according to the Arab Center in Washington, DC, ISIS was weakened but was not defeated.  According to the report, at least 2,500 ISIS terrorists remain entrenched within Syrian territory.   In fact, US President Donald Trump was warned by his own military commanders in Iraq that ISIS was still not defeated within Syria.  Now, in the wake of recent developments, there are concerns that ISIS has begun to reemerge and will only cause future problems if Turkey will replace the US as the ones running the region.

Historically, Turkey has demonstrated that they care more about repressing the Kurds than fighting against the murderous terror group.  About one year ago, America’s Kurdish allies were successfully controlling huge areas of Syria and the US was making great gains in the struggle against ISIS.  Everything was moving in the right direction and Americans could be proud of the gains made in the international war against terror.  Then, Mr. Trump decided to do nothing regarding Turkey’s intention to invade Afrin and the surrounding areas.  Due to his silent encouragement of Turkish aggression, Abbas proclaimed: “The whole area of Afrin has been ethnically cleansed and populated by radical groups including ISIS.”

In the Afrin area, Yezidis were forcefully converted to Islam by Turkish-backed rebels, whom Abbas claims are merely ISIS terrorists who changed uniforms.  These Turkish-backed rebels destroyed Yezidi places of worship and changed the names of Yezidi villages, as Trump watched and did nothing as ISIS reemerged.   Of course, the Yezidis are not the only ones suffering in the Afrin area.  Abbas proclaimed that Afrin used to be 99 percent Kurdish but it is only 30 percent Kurdish now.  According to a recent report, Turkey is stealing olives from the local population in the Afrin region, pressing them into oil and selling the olive oil abroad as a Turkish product.

And now, Trump is going to withdraw and leave the door open for what happened in Afrin to occur in other areas of Syria.  Should Trump not change course, Abbas proclaimed, “The Kurds of Syria would have no viability for they would run away and be destroyed.”  He claimed that this would not only allow ISIS to reemerge for efforts would be refocused elsewhere but it would leave Turkey and Iran, who does not intend to withdraw its forces from Syria after Trump leaves, to control the Middle East: “Having Turkey and especially Iran control the Middle East is dangerous for the world, the local people and for Trump to be that isolationist and to declare success is ridiculous.”  Kani Xulem, the director of the American Kurdish Information Network, concurred, adding that a Turkish invasion would lead to “the Muslim Brotherhood taking over.”    All of this would have a horrible effect upon minorities in the region and the entire free world.

One may ask, how do all of these developments affect us in the West?  If ISIS is emboldened because the Kurds are too busy fighting against Iran and Turkey in order to survive, ISIS will have the freedom to implement more terror attacks.  In fact, there may even be more terror attacks on US soil for whenever America retreats, ISIS interprets it as a sign of weakness and thus a green light to build up bases and to wage terror attacks against Americans.  The recent terror attacks against Americans in Syria highlighted this point well.  While groups like the Kurds and Yezidis may suffer first, people who live in the West should know that what starts out with others can and will come back to haunt them at home.

In fact, as Trump is preparing to withdraw from Afghanistan, ISIS is building up strength there and is trying to force Hindus and Sikhs to start paying the jizya tax.  Meanwhile, a fraudulent election occurred in Bangladesh, which led to the re-election of Sheikh Hasina, a leader who has stood by and permitted ISIS to build a base within her country while being in denial that they exist within her borders.  As a result, attacks upon minorities are on the rise there too.  If people in the West do not turn their backs on isolationism and start to care about the world around them, ISIS may once again have control over huge swaths of territory and Americans will begin to wish they had a Churchill instead of a Chamberlain in the White House.