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Hindus are being murdered on a systematic level and yet, there is no justice for the victims and the international community is silent about their plight.

Photo Credit: World Hindu Struggle Committee

In recent days, a Hindu man named Shri Lal Chand Bepari was murdered merely because he was born into the wrong religion. Assailants who knew the victim barged into his home and started to beat him with an iron rod. They beat him and chopped him up until he was dead. They then took the body away and dumped it. Since his murder, his mother has been desperately trying to seek justice for her slain son but is under heavy pressure to let the murderers off the hook.

The mother is scared and frightened as she is constantly being pressured by the murderers who come to her in disguise in order to ensure that justice slides away from her and her murdered son. The local authorities in Bangladesh are not really protecting her from them at the moment. Although they did arrest a couple of the perpetrators, whether or not all seven of the perpetrators will be arrested remains an open question. Also, given how the Bangladeshi justice system systematically persecutes minorities, it is unknown whether they will get a prison sentence.

According to both the Quran and the Talmud, “Whoever destroys a soul, it is considered as if he destroyed the world entire.” Furthermore, the late Elie Wiesel once stated, “Whenever men and women are persecuted because of their race, religion and political views, that place at that moment must become the center of the universe.” However, in Bangladesh, Hindus are being murdered on a systematic level and yet, there is no justice for the victims and the international community is silent about their plight.

Mufti Mahmadul Hasan Gununi publicly calls for the opponents of Islam including Hindus to be killed in every place where they can be found, referring to such murders as jihad. He also urges Muslims to abandon democracy and his views are very influential upon the present Bangladeshi government. Therefore, justice is very unlikely to happen for Bepari due to the fact that the Bangladeshi police permit and facilitate the murder of Hindus for the ruling regime in Bangladesh despises minorities. This unethical reality needs to come to an end.

The Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about the murder of Bepari and demands the following: 1) The perpetrators responsible for the brutal murder of this Hindu man should be arrested and tried; 2) an inquiry should be made to ascertain the truth about what happened to the victim; 3) the traumatized mother of the victim should be properly protected for she is frightened after her son was murdered by local Muslims; 4) a sense of peaceful coexistence between different faiths that presently does not exist in Bangladesh should be established; 5) A punishment that actually deters such crimes against humanity should be established.

Although there has been much bloodshed between Hindus and Muslims ever since Pakistan and Bangladesh separated from India, in a just world, the Hindu minority in both countries would not be penalized for the partition of India. However, for decades, the Hindu minority in Bangladesh has been suffering and the present Bangladeshi government wants a Hindu-free Bangladesh. When Bangladeshi Hindus go seek refuge in India, they are called infiltrators. It should not be like this for we aren’t to blame for the present conflicts in India. We are just regular people who also deserve human rights. We deserve to live in safety. And the world should help us to obtain the human rights and dignity that we deserve.