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After Obama allowed an anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution to pass right before the onset of the Hanukkah holiday, he has demonstrated that he is the modern day King Antiochus, who seeks to separate the Jewish people from their historic homeland and ancient traditions. In the end, the darkness that the Obama era ushered into the world will be eliminated by the bright lights of the Hanukkah candles, shining across Israel and throughout the globe.

Obama and Netanyahu

Obama and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

As Jews around the world celebrate the Hanukkah holiday, a dark cloud descends over the Jewish people due to the recent UN Security Council resolution that according to Israeli sources passed right before the onset of the holiday thanks to the initiative of US President Barack Obama.  In this UN Security Council Resolution that Obama failed to veto, the Jewish presence at the Western Wall, the Temple Mount and the Jewish Quarter has been called illegal and all areas over the 1967 armistice lines are labeled “occupied territories,” despite the thousands of years of Jewish history in these areas. 

In other words, while thousands of years ago King Antiochus placed a statue of Zeus in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and demanded that the Jews break off from their ancestors traditions by adopting the Greek way of life, US President Obama around the same time of year did everything in his power in order to cut the Jewish people off from the heartland of their ancestral homeland and has essentially adopted the notion that the holiest site in the Jewish faith is actually an Islamic mosque.  While many people in Europe may not know this, the heartland of the State of Israel is not Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Haifa.  The heartland of the State of Israel is Jerusalem, where the two ancient temples of the Jewish people stood; Hebron, where the patriarchs and matriarchs of the Jewish people are buried; Bethlehem, where the matriarch Rachel is buried; and Nablus, the resting place of Joseph and the first city conquered by the ancient Israelites thousands of years before Christ was even born.  Without the Jewish connection to these important places, all that is left of Israel is a highly secular Jewish society disconnected from its roots, just like the Jewish Hellenists were thousands of years ago disconnected from anything related to Judaism and behaved more Greek than Jewish.  And indeed, this is the kind of Judaism that Obama wishes to promote, as he felt much more comfortable inviting a BDS supporting female Reform Rabbi to preside over the White House Hanukkah Party last year than an Orthodox Rabbi that respects the Jewish tradition.


At this point, some readers may say wait a second.  Obama is not violent.  He does not seek to murder Jewish people.  To these people, I have the following to state.  It is important to recall that King Antiochus did not seek to exterminate the Jewish people either.   King Antiochus was not Haman from the Purim story.  King Antiochus had no problem keeping the Jewish people alive.  Rather, he sought to disconnect the Jewish people from their roots and to make them into Greeks.  He wanted them to study Greek philosophy, to go to the theater and gymnasium, to join the Greek festivities during the holidays for each of their gods and to forget about the traditions of their ancestors.  King Antiochus wanted the Jewish people to not remember their connection to the Holy Land and to instead view themselves as a member of his empire.

Similarly, US President Barack Obama wants for us Jews to feel that the modern sky rises in Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Haifa are the most important areas in our country and to forget about the Jewish connection to our ancient holy places located over the green line that have been a central part of our faith since the times of Avraham.  He wants for us to visit American style temples with a BDS supporting female Reform Rabbi rather than Orthodox shuls located in Jerusalem, the historic capital city of the Jewish people since antiquity.  Obama wants for us to abandon our Prime Minister that is proud of the Jewish heritage and to give power to someone who supports appeasing terrorists as well as complying with his colonial dictates. And most importantly, he wants for us to abandon our traditional way of life and to adopt the lifestyle of ultra-liberal BDS supporting American Reform Jews that value assimilating into the Democratic Party over any sense of commitment to Jewish traditions and the homeland of our nation.  By doing this, from Obama’s perspective, Israel will become America’s 51st state. Under his vision, the country will be reduced to a vassal kingdom that is compelled to follow America’s dictates without reaching out to other players in the international community for our aid package that we need in order to battle Iran blocks any Israeli independent developments and makes us always dependent for our survival upon the whims of Obama’s American colonial empire.

However, just as the miracle of the Maccabee victory and the miracle of the oil brought an end to King Antiochus’ colonial desire to impose the Greek way of life upon the Jews, it is important to recall that also in our times there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The United States recently elected a new President and this new President is unlikely to follow Obama’s colonial ambitions when it comes to the Jewish people.  He has an Orthodox Jewish daughter and son-in-law and has brought a series of pro-Israel people on his team, who are already working towards moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and tearing up the Iran deal.  While it will be difficult to pass a UN Security Council Resolution that will be able to undo the damage done by this one, I am positive that his pro-Israel team will do everything in their ability to limit its damage.  They are helped by the fact that it was passed under Chapter 6 rather than Chapter 7 of the UN Security Council, implying that it cannot be legally enforced, although the ramifications that this resolution has for cases brought in front of the International Criminal Court and for EU policy is quite disturbing.  Nevertheless, as a strong believer in G-d, I don’t dismiss the possibility of a miracle occurring that in the end has the potential to transform how the UN continues to be utilized as a bastion for Israel hatred across the globe.  In the end, the darkness that the Obama era ushered into the world will be eliminated by the bright lights of the Hanukkah candles, shining across Israel and throughout the globe.

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