Despite the recent peace agreement signed between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia, both ANCA and the Armenian National Assembly of Armenia have been lobbying the US government to end all arms sales to Azerbaijan, who is a strategic ally of the United States and the State of Israel in its struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

ANCA also issued a similar press release calling upon Israel to also end its arms sales to Azerbaijan.   In fact, the Armenian Youth Federation even protested in front of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, where they compared the State of Israel to Nazis Germany.  These recent steps implemented by the Armenian lobby in the US run counter to America’s national interests.

For starters, the internationalization of the war in the Caucasus posed a danger to everyone who cares about regional peace and security, especially considering the fact that there have been reports about the resurrection of ASALA, the importation of PKK and reports of other mercenaries from Syria, who support Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan. The fact that Iran backed Armenia only makes the likelihood that the Shia Crescent can expand even greater in the shadow of this war, especially since a Persian dissident noted Iran utilized occupied regions of Azerbaijan to bypass sanctions.

For that reason, making the peace agreement hold is in America’s and Israel’s national interest, for Armenia withdrawing from great areas in Nagorno-Karabakh not only prevents the loss of additional lives but also bars Iran the right to utilize that territory in order to bypass sanctions.  Ensuring that Iran remains under heavy sanctions without a means of bypassing them for spreading terror across the region and building up its nuclear arsenal is in America’s and Israel’s national interests.

When the Armenian lobby utilizes their networks and financial resources to assist Armenia, who is a proxy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, they are utilizing their influence in order to damage their host countries and their strategic allies like Azerbaijan and Israel, who stand united with America in its struggle against Iran and terrorism in Afghanistan.   However, via campaign contributions and other means of connecting with the media and local officials, these lobbies corrupt local politicians so that they are blinded to America’s national interests, thus supporting Armenia instead.

On top of that, having the Armenian Lobby continue to argue for the US to “recognize Artsakh and to stop arming Azerbaijan” only makes the peace agreement that is presently being formulated less likely to hold.  Baku has reported 93 civilian deaths and 407 injured since the fighting erupted on September 27.    Some 504 civilian facilities, 3,326 private homes and 120 apartment buildings were also damaged by Armenian artillery and missile fire.   When members of the Armenian Diaspora raise funds for the defense of Armenia and Artsakh, their money does nothing more than encourage war crimes and crimes against humanity against Azerbaijani civilians, which makes the peace agreement harder to implement.

For example, ANCA has praised Congressman Nunes for advancing legislation to end America’s weapons sales that will prevent American drones from ending up in Azerbaijan’s hands, citing that he is doing so due to the fact that he has many Armenian voters in his district: “Congressman Nunes has a long record in support of issues of special concern to Armenian Americans in California’s Central Valley and across America. His Congressional District is home to thousands of Armenian American constituents.”

Similarly, ANCA has praised both Biden and Harris for having “records in support of Armenian Americans,” claiming that he condemned Azerbaijan reclaiming its territorial integrity and was against the flow of weapons to Azerbaijan. These politicians, by caring about the opinion of the Armenian lobby, are completely ignoring how Azerbaijan has been instrumental in helping America and Israel fight against Iran, alongside other extremists in the Muslim world.  For this reason, the Armenian lobby is taking steps that do nothing more than support a proxy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and this harms America’s and Israel’s national interests.

Armenian lobbyists have only one goal, which is to make more money and gain more influence within the American political and economic system. So, it is an American interest to stop an element within American society from serving as a proxy for the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Furthermore, the USA should have more control over Armenian Funds in USA, which are used unproperly. Further, the participation of members of the Armenian diaspora as mercenaries in the fighting against Azerbaijan should be taken into account, for these people when they return home may be a very big danger to the national security of their host societies following them obtaining new abilities and contacts who are Iran proxies gained during the war.  Plus, it is also important to underline that ASALA is an Armenian terrorist group and reports that they too joined the fighting is very troubling.

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