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Shipan Kumer Basu writes about the plight of the Hindu minority in Bangladesh: “The Awami League government is actively involved in abducting and raping minority girls. The raped women and girls are killed afterwards. Their dead bodies are found in the jungle, in canals, in river sides, and on the side of the road. Minority homes are getting looted. Minorities are being forcefully converted to Islam. They are destroying Hindu Temples.”

Photo Credit: Mendi Safadi

Under the shadow of this government, Awami League leaders and workers are executing their program in order to ensure that zero non-Muslim minorities live in Bangladesh. The head of the department and Prime Minister of Bangladesh is very happy watching the performance of her leaders and workers that loot, occupy, rape, forcefully convert to Islam, kill, destroy temples, and threaten civilians to leave Bangladesh.  

Are these not crimes against humanity? Why are these criminals not brought to trial in the international criminal court? These crimes are not being done by Islamic bearded and cap wearing Ulema. These crimes are being performed by those people who wear normal pants, shirts and move around with minorities closely while chanting for secularism. They are actively involved with Awami League politics.

These crimes happened under the leadership of ministers and parliamentary members and other Awami League leaders/workers surrounding the Prime Minister who chants for secularism.   The greatest amount of torture occurs in Farid Pur and Gopal Goni among the 64 districts of Bangladesh. Gopal Goni is where the Prime Minister is seated. Was it decided that before the elections that all of the minorities will be kicked out of Bangladesh and the Prime Minister kept the secret?   

The war criminals who were tried in the international criminal court (ICT) were convicted of committing crimes against humanity in 1971 and were hung to death.  The Awami League leaders/workers surrounding the Prime Minister who chant for secularism are doing the same crimes in many places.  What is the difference between those war criminals and the Awami League leaders/workers? The crimes are the same and only the period of time is different. In 1971, it was a time of war.  Now, it is Awami League rule. The situation is different but the crimes are the same, so why are the criminals not being brought to trial at the international criminal court (ICT)? Why are the criminals not being convicted of crimes against humanity? Why are they not getting hanged?

The Awami League government is actively involved in abducting and raping minority girls. The raped women and girls are killed afterwards. Their dead bodies are found in the jungle, in canals, in river sides, and on the side of the road. Minority homes are getting looted. Minorities are being forcefully converted to Islam. They are destroying Hindu Temples. And minorities are being evicted from the community. Awami League leaders/workers are actively involved in all of these crimes against humanity.

Awami League leaders/workers are involved in incitement in the mosques, madrassas, and schools and in the colleges. They control everything and use loud speakers in order to call upon Muslim people to attack minorities. This bad governance and attitude is really condemnable.

Article 57 is used to kick out the minorities from school, college and employment for they are accused of making anti-Muslim remarks. In this way, hundreds of members of minority groups become unemployed.  Article 57 is used in poor taste. One day after Awami League committee members terminated the employment of a minority teacher for making an anti-Muslim remark, after a number of days, a close relative of one of the committee members got the job as a teacher. Everything is done according to the plan of the Awami League committee members in order to recruit relatives.

According to the visible strategies of the Bangladeshi government, it seemed to us that the Bangladeshi government is copying Pakistan’s strategy to kick out the minorities. 100 minority doctors had to leave Pakistan over the last 5 years and they lived in India working odd jobs before the Indian government gave them permission to return to the medical profession.  Pakistani leaders think their country has to be a pure Islamic country and for this reason, they kicked out the minorities. Now, Pakistan’s population consists of less than 1% minorities. It is true that we were liberated from Pakistan in 1971 but unfortunately, we did not get rid of the Pakistani mindset.

There are so many indicators to measure and evaluate the governance of a country. The livelihoods and security of minority people in a country is a very important indicator for good governance. Development without good governance is always fragile; it may lead to a crackdown at any time. This is the real condition within Bangladesh.  The bad governance of the Bangladeshi government suffocates the minority people; they are now crying and seeking to escape.

Every mother loves her sons and daughters with no doubt but unfortunately the Bangladeshi Prime Minister’s blind love for her daughter Saima Wazed Putul is the main leading cause of the torture of minorities in Bangladesh.  Engineer Mosarof Hossain is the father in law of Saima Wazed Putul and he is a minister. The father of Mosarof Hossain was a war criminal and killed thousands and thousands of Hindus and others minorities during war period in 1971. He was a radical Islamist leader and strongly supported West Pakistan. Luckilly, Mosarof Hossein is the father-in-law of the Prime Minister’s daughter so Sheikh Hasina cut his name out from the list of war criminals.

Saima Wazed Putul came to Bangladesh from Canada during the 2008 election. After winning, Saima Wazed Putul requested that her mother make her father-in-law a minister and this is what led to him becoming a minister. As a minister, Mr. Engineer Mosarof Hossain has occupied millions of dollars worth of land assets from some rich minority families, hundreds of families had to leave Bangladesh, and if anybody opens his/her mouth against these types of illegal activities, the Police arrests them. There are many minority families suffering from false cases made by Mr. Engineer Mosarof Hossain including some experienced journalists, teachers and other educated persons. The Prime Minister has nothing to say. All Awami League leaders/workers follow Mr. Engineer Mosarof Hossain, the father in law of Saima Wazed Putul.

All Awami League leaders/workers know clearly that the Prime Minister cannot take any legal action against Mr. Engineer Mosarof Hossain, so legal action is never taken aagainst other leaders. So, now all of the Awami League leaders/workers kill, evict, destroy houses and temples, rape, loot and celebrate these atrocities. This is the actual situation of the Hindu minority within the country.

In 2012, Mr. Sheikh Maruf evicted 350 Hindu households from the Bager Kul.  Several hundreds of thousands of Hindu minority college/school girls/women were converted to Islam by force by Mr. Sheikh Maruf in Tonti Para. Awami League leaders/workers use the minority women and girls; they can’t open their mouths up against these crimes because the Awami League leaders/workers always threaten to kill them. Tongi Para is the seat belonging to none other than the Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Thus, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina`s blind love for her daughter is the main cause leading to 170 million minorities in Bangladesh being compelled to leave the country. Everybody knows now there would be no legal action taken regarding the crimes of humanity committed by the Awami League leaders/workers.

Moreover, Bangladesh’s Awami League is tied to a group that is connected to ISIS and they plan to kill Hindus and other non-Muslims in the country while occupying their land and properties while exploiting Hindu girls and women. The torture of the Hindu minority has increased six times since last year.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, former Home Minister Mr. Alomgir evicted a minority family and occupied their land property. When the family protested against these illegal activities, then former Home Minister Mr. Alomgir with his team made all the members of the victim’s family disappear. Still now there is no information whether they are alive or dead.

Some local Awami League leaders/workers evicted some minority household members and occupied their homes and land properties under the jurisdiction of Home Minister Mr. Tuku in the district of Pabna. After some days, Home Minister Mr. Tuku visited the affected areas. The victims were terrorized.

This is the situation in Bangladesh. People want to live in a healthy environment. They want to change the government. It is very clear to the national and international community that the government is performing badly and is involved with a lot of crimes against humanity.   

All Muslims and Hindus pay taxes. However, the Muslims get security while the Hindus don’t. The government is destroying the Hindu cultural heritage as well as Hindu lives and occupying Hindu lands.  Nevertheless, Sheikh Hasina has a good relationship with India in order to sustain her government but the torture of the Hindu minority occurs alongside the political relationship with India. In addition, Sheikh Hasina and her son have built ties with Christians from the West. Two relatives of Sheikh Hasina are Christian. Sheikh Hasina’s son’s wife is a Christian from the US and the husband of Sheikh Hasina’s niece is a Christian from the UK. So, Sheikh Hasina officially lives with Christians within her own family.

However, Bangladesh has forgotten that Israel protected them from an attack by 7 American war ships in 1971 and provided emergency weapons and bullets to help the Bangladeshi freedom fighters gain independence.   In addition, Israel was the 4th country to acknowledge Bangladesh as a free and independent country. Why don’t we have any diplomatic and political relations with Israel? What for? And why are we ungrateful to Israel? Some days before Mr. Aslam, the leader of the BNP, met with Mendi Safadi, a senior level Israeli diplomat, in India. For this act, Mr. Aslam was arrested and kept in custody within Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government described Safadi as a Jew and called him a Mossad spy that could make Bangladesh unstable. The truth is that Safadi is neither Jewish nor a spy. He is Druze and is working to promote Israel’s international relations.

Where is there logic to arrest Mr. Aslam? Why is he under Police custody? Why aren’t the Prime Minister and other members of her family arrested?   The Prime Minister is getting away with everything for she has connections with the Christian world. Because I criticize the government, they made a road on our land against our will by force. The minorities in Bangladesh are helpless and need a change of government.