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Rachel Avraham explains that the international community systematically rewarding the Palestinian Authority for their incitement and terrorism is what led to the recent terror attack in Jerusalem that resulted in the murder of 4 young soldiers in their 20’s.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The day before yesterday, 4 young soldiers in their early 20’s were brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in the city of Jerusalem. In the period leading up to their murder, Palestinian Media Watch reported that PA religious and political leaders were increasingly calling for a holy war over Jerusalem after US President Elect Donald Trump stated that he plans to move the US Embassy to the holy city.

For example, Abu Mazens’ adviser on NGO’s Sultan Abu Al Einein proclaimed: “Transferring the US Embassy to Jerusalem will lead to bloodshed. A strong intifada will break out in the Palestinian territories.” Abu Mazens’ adviser on religion Mahmoud Al Habbash stated the following about the US relocating the Embassy to Jerusalem: “It is a declaration of war against all Muslims. It won’t pass by silently.” According to Al Habbash, in politics, there can be compromises here and there but not on matters of religion: “Therefore, it isn’t possible to compromise or negotiate over Jerusalem.”

Despite all of this incitement to terrorism emanating from the Palestinian Authority leadership, the international community awarded the Palestinian Authority with a one-sided UN Security Council Resolution that condemns Israeli settlement construction over the green line and Israel destroying terrorist homes, claiming that such actions are a “flagrant violation of international law” that “dangerously imperils the two-state solution”  and “is a major obstacle to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.”

However, in UN Security Council Resolution 2334, they do not explicitly condemn Palestinian terrorism and incitement except to call for “immediate steps to prevent all acts of violence against civilians including acts of terrorism” and “to refrain from provocative actions, incitement and inflammatory rhetoric.” There was no condemnation of the Palestinian Authority for not working to stop terrorism and engaging in routine incitement to terrorism nor did the UN Security Council label it to be “a flagrant violation of international law” that “dangerously imperils the two-state solution” and “a major obstacle to the achievement of a just, lasting and comprehensive peace.”

When I appeared on the Newsmakers Show with Imran Garda live on Turkish TV, I was asked why Israel was so outraged by this UN Security Council Resolution and recalled the ambassadors given that Donald Trump will soon be the US President, will once again impose the veto and Israel will once again have its superpower ally.  I answered: “With this UN Security Council Resolution, the international community is showing that terrorism pays. They accepted Palestinian terrorists’ arguments that this is all related to the fact that they are suffering from misery and despair and it is not related to the incitement that is currently going on in the Palestinian Authority. This resolution is a victory for terrorism that creates facts on the ground that make it very difficult for Trump to operate and this is why Israel took such an aggressive stance related to this.”

Indeed, it is not a coincidence that after the Palestinian Authority leadership reached the understanding that the more they incite their youth, the more they engage in terrorism against Israelis and the more they violate their agreements with Israel by taking unilateral actions against Israel at the UN while refusing to negotiate with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the more their people are viewed as victims suffering from misery and despair caused by the so-called “Israeli occupation.” After all, they have been constantly rewarded by the international community for their refusal to negotiate with Israel and their terrorist campaign that wantonly targets innocent Israelis. Given this background, one Palestinian man decided to launch a terror attack in the heart of Jerusalem that resulted in the slaughter of 4 innocent young souls for he saw that terrorism pays.  

Watch: Rachel Avraham speaking out about Israeli settlements on a Turkish news program (starting at 3:30)

While the UN Security Council did surprisingly condemn the terror attack in Jerusalem and Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was adorned with an Israeli flag in honor of the victims, these actions are too little too late. Never before did any major monument in Europe or America light up in the colors of the Israeli flag after any terror attack that occurred here for Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism are not valued the same as European or American victims of ISIS terrorism. It is a rare event for the UN to condemn the Palestinian leadership for any act of terrorism. If anything, the UN has been rewarding the Palestinian leadership by declaring Rachel’s Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs to be Islamic holy sites, by proclaiming that Israel has no claim under international law to East Jerusalem including the Temple Mount area even though it is the holiest site in the Jewish faith and condemning the building of Jewish homes, synagogues, schools and businesses over the green line more than they condemn the democide in Syria or Iran’s crimes against humanity across the Middle East. And the international media continues to portray the Palestinian people as impoverished souls suffering from misery and despair due to the so-called “Israeli occupation” even though it is abundantly more clear by the day that the Palestinian people is mainly suffering due to the dictatorial rule of their own terrorist leadership and not because of Israel.

As Eric Rozenman of Camera is quoted as saying in Women and Jihad, “George Orwell wrote a famous essay on Politics and the English language written in 1946 toward the end of which he spoke about how sloppy language leads to sloppy thinking. Orwell stated that the political choice of words is used to make murder acceptable and that is why this is so important. It is so important because at the deep level, it implies that the murder of Israelis is somehow excusable because Palestinians have real frustrations and grievances; therefore, it is just killing and not murder.” Thus, when the international community focuses all of their energies on condemning Israeli settlement construction while not speaking up in an equally strong manner against Palestinian terrorism and incitement, they are partially responsible for the recent terror attack in Jerusalem for their actions have shown the Palestinians that they can be expected to be rewarded for their acts of wanton terror and aggression.  Unless the international community changes their approach, we can expect more terror attacks in the future.

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