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Kurdish journalist Chiman Salih reflects on Iraq’s Shiite Endowment Bureau head Alaa al-Musawi’s recent statement encouraging the mass murder of Christians. Salih says that al-Musawi, who is in the middle of a corruption scandal, should be held accountable if any harm is caused the Iraqi Christian community. She also believes that there is a link between terrorist hatred and corruption.


ISIS Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Head of the Shiite Endowment Bureau Alaa al-Musawi recently made some disturbing statements, calling for the mass murder of Christians. These statements cannot be ignored. I believe that if Christian families anywhere in Iraq were subjected to any kind of abuse or forcible deportation after al-Musawi’s statements, he should be held responsible and should be summoned by the parliament and indicted by the Attorney General on the charges of inciting to violence and stirring up sectarian strife.

The timing of his statements also crossed my mind. They came just as ISIS terrorists are pulling out of their last stronghold in Iraq. But his statements are paving the way for another war like the ones launched by ISIS on other religious and ethnic groups in the region.

I planned to confront him about them but before I had the chance, the Shiite Endowment Bureau released a statement about his upsetting remarks and the fact that he is in the middle of a corruption scandal. In the Shiite Endowment Bureau statement, 12 serious corruption accusations against al-Musawi were mentioned. The organization asked that the investigation be conducted by the Iraqi Parliament. If the Iraqi Parliament still considers itself a self-standing establishment, it should take action now in order to make sure the Iraqi Christians are not subjected to any acts of terror or hatred in light of al-Musawi’s statements.

I believe there’s a link between this kind of hatred and corruption. Terrorists and corrupt officials do not care about innocent lives and the bodies of those who are left behind, as long as they gain something out of it. These kinds of people are only interested in their personal benefit; they don’t have a problem exploiting another person’s weakness or inability in order to gain what they desire.

At the same time that al-Musawi urged others to murder Christians, an Imam in a mosque in Copenhagen, Denmark, preached about the murder of Jews. As hatred and corruption happen all over the world, not just in the Middle East, I believe that the international community needs to use all of the media, education and financial and legal power in the world in order to make sure that these terrorist and corrupt people are brought to justice.