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Stephen Hughes explains that Trump’s Jerusalem declaration was not the cause of the recent tidal wave of international rejection of Israel and claims that Jewish people all over the world need to be voicing their support for the US president, not criticizing him and his recognition of the city as Israel’s capital: “Betraying Trump for supporting Israel and blaming him for Arab Palestinian terrorism makes as much sense as blaming him for bad breath in dogs.”

Trump at the Western Wall

Trump at the Western Wall Photo Credit: Mendy Hechtman/Flash 90

On December 6, 2017, President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his intention of moving the US embassy there, exploding an already volatile situation. Arab Palestinians rose up in outrage; Hamas fired rockets into Israel; riots unfolded within the region, protests throughout the world.

There was an emergency summit of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Turkey.  Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Qatari Emir al-Thani and Jordanian King Abdullah II were among the most prominent leaders present at the summit. Palestinian Authority President Abbas called on the world’s nations to reconsider their recognition of Israel. “It crosses all the red lines,” Abbas said, “Jerusalem is and always will be the capital of Palestine…[the] Trump declaration is the policy of occupation and ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel in Jerusalem.” He also berated it was unacceptable for the US to have a role in the peace process because it is biased in favor of Israel.

Speaking at the meeting, Turkish President Erdogan called Israel a “terror state” and described Trump’s decision as a reward for Israeli “terror acts.” The UN voted resoundingly to reject Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The Iranian-backed Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniya, called for a new intifada and said that President Trump’s announcement was a “declaration of war.” Since December 6, more than 40 rockets and mortars have been fired at Israel from Gaza—nearly as many as the previous two years combined.

A recent report by the Shin Bet, one of the three principal organizations of Israel’s intelligence community, noted that terror attacks tripled in December after Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem and intention of moving the US embassy there. Protests erupted in US cities; three US imams have called for the death of Jews since December.


Jerusalem Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The United Nations holds the State of Israel by the throat. UN Watch’s statistics reported that of the 97 resolutions adopted by the General Assembly that criticized an individual country, 83 targeted Israel. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) passed a resolution backed by 22 countries, which refers to Israel as the “occupying power” of Jerusalem and declares Israel’s sovereignty over the city “null and void.”

The UN Women’s Rights Commission has condemned Israel as the world’s only violator of women’s rights, but not the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has not only the highest execution of women in the world but young girls too. Where stoning to death is used, slow, hideous hangings and torture are the state-sanctioned and commonplace. Iran has spent several billion dollars in its asymmetrical wars it wages against Israel through its proxies Hezbollah and Hamas. Iran has formed international coalitions against Israel through its yearly Al Quds “Death to Israel Day” genocidal protests. 

Former US President Obama plunged his political knife into the heartland of Jerusalem in UN Resolution 2334 by abstaining from the vote. The resolution delegitimizes the State of Israel and infers Israel as the progenitor of terrorism. This resolution states that the location of the holiest site for the Jewish people, the Western Wall, is not in Israel and that the Old City of Jerusalem is a “settlement.” Obama and his White House staff were the chief architects of the resolution.

In the aftermath of Trump’s announcement, a dark cloud of despair overshadowed and flowed from Israeli and Jewish News, touting the declaration as “infamous.” Choruses of Israeli and Jewish Americans chanting, “We do not need Trump telling us Jerusalem is our Capital,” and bitterly denouncing Trump’s proclamations.

But what did they expect, what happens every time Israel stands against this sick twisted psychotic hatred? Take for example what happened last year— when there was a tidal wave of riots, terrorism and international condemnation when cameras and checks points were placed at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount after two Israeli police officers brutally murdered and several wounded? What about the deadly shooting in the community of Halamish, where three family members were gunned down by a Palestinian Arab terrorist in revenge for the Temple Mount checkpoints? What happens in the US on American college campuses when Jews students try to hold a public meeting addressing Palestinian Arab terrorism? Jewish students are attacked and injured, threaten with serious bodily injury and even death.  Their meetings are trashed, shut down.

Where is Shin Bet’s citadel of intelligence of predictive analysis; how could they be so oblivious to such an apparent regional and international firestorm that would explode after Trump’s proclamations’?

Trump is standing with Israel; he is not telling Jews that Jerusalem is their capital; he is shouting to the world that the State of Israel has the right to exist. Finally, after decades, Israelis have someone, an American president, fighting for them—but instead of standing with him, far too many Jews are standing against him. Betraying Trump for supporting Israel and blaming him for Arab Palestinian terrorism makes as much sense as blaming him for bad breath in dogs. By condemning Trump, you are only making more acts of hideous terrorism more likely.

Courage? I see a multitude of Jews and Israelis with trembling knees, hiding behind a cognitive dissonance of fearful irreverence, remorsefully speaking with quaking lips, saying, “we cannot call the Kingdom of David Jewish,” as they throw their kippahs, Tallits and Tefillins into the funeral pyres of hatred’s appeasement.