The impersonation of Likud MK Oren Hazan on the Israeli satirical television show “Eretz Nehederet” apparently convinced the editors of the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar, who published the actor’s photo in a serious article on the scandal that shook Israel last night.

Udi Kagan impersonating Oren Hazan on Lebanese media

Udi Kagan impersonating Oren Hazan on Lebanese media Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

 The scandal surrounding Likud MK Oren Hazan that erupted following a Channel 2 News investigation published last night also made waves outside of Israel, as Lebanese media was apparently unable to tell the difference between the real MK and his character on the Israeli satirical television show Eretz Nehederet (“A Wonderful Land”) played by Israeli actor Udi Kagan.

In an article published yesterday (Tuesday) on the website of An-Nahar, one of the most popular daily newspapers in Lebanon, a photo was displayed showing actor Udi Kagan drinking an alcoholic beverage on one of the television show’s episodes. Under the photo there appeared a serious news report on the scandal that shocked Israelis last night, when Channel 2 News revealed on their Main News Cast the investigation into the past of the new Likud MK, who also serves as Deputy Chairman of the Knesset and takes part in prestigious Knesset Committees such as the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

The real Oren Hazan

The real Oren Hazan Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The investigation found that before entering politics, while working at a resort in Burgas in Bulgaria, Hazan ran a casino, ordered prostitutes for customers and used hard drugs. Amongst those to testify against him was the manager of the escort service whose services Hazan used, who knew him well.