Beni Shlomo, the head of a major organized crime gang, was arrested for extortion. Simultaneously, police officers arrested 3 of his associates.


Illusion Photo Credit: Or Mani (Israeli Police Department)/Channel 2 News

Shlomo was arrested today (Friday) at Ben Gurion Airport before he was able to leave the country. The criminal was arrested for extortion, drug trade, violence and more. 3 members of his gang were also arrested.

Just before he left Israel, Shlomo was arrested. Recently, the Israeli Police Department has been cracking down on Shlomo’s organization, and today, the leader himself was arrested.

“The criminals who were arrested today belong to well-known organized crime gangs in Southern Israel, and are suspected of being involved in violent and dangerous conflicts,” stated Southern District Police Commander Yoram Halevy.

Shlomo has had a continuous conflict with another head of a well-known organized crime gang, Shalom Domrani. Due to this conflict, Shlomo’s brother was murdered 3 months ago. According to police, Shlomo and Domrani have even ordered contract killings on one another several times in the past.