Today, ousted Catalan President Carles Puigdemont declared victory in the region’s elections after three pro-independence parties won the necessary number of parliamentary seats to form a majority.


Puigdemont Photo credit: Reuters/ Israel News Company

Today (Friday), ousted Catalan President Carles Puigdemont declared a victory for pro-independence parties following yesterday’s regional elections. “The Catalan republic has beaten the Spanish monarchy,” Puigdemont stated. “The Spanish government has been defeated.”

Although the pro-unity Citizens party won the majority of the votes, three pro-independence parties have strengthened their position and are now able to form a coalition. Yesterday, 82% of those with the right to vote provided the pro-independence parties with 70 of the 135 parliamentary seats.


Rajoy Photo credit: Reuters/ Israel News Company

“I want to congratulate the Catalan people,” Puigdemont said at a press conference in Belgium, where he fled to and is staying in a self-imposed exile. The region’s former president criticized Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy but invited him to negotiate. Rajoy stated that he is ready to speak with the new Catalan leadership within the margins of the law and won’t accept a change in the constitution. The prime minister rejected any possibility of talks with Puigdemont. It remains unclear whether Puigdemont will return to Spain.