Israeli security and rescue forces were on high alert over Yom Kippur.  2,100 Israel Police and Border Police officers were operating across Jerusalem during Yom Kippur in order to maintain order.

Each year around 2,000 people contact the Magen David Adom hotline during Yom Kippur. Amongst the patients treated by the MDA rescue forces during the holiday are pedestrians and children who are injured while riding their bikes, civilians who feel ill as a result of the fast and pregnant woman in labor who must be taken to the hospital in order to give birth.

The MDA treated 2,019 people all over the country during Yom Kippur.  1,909 of them were evacuated to hospitals.  234 people fainted and felt weak due to the fast; 67 of them were treated in synagogues and evacuated to hospitals.

During the holiday, eleven people needed resuscitation; 282 children, youths and elderly needed first aid due to injuries caused by bicycle riding. Twenty one people were injured in road accidents, one of them sustained moderate injuries and the rest suffered light injuries.

Magen David Adom teams were called to transfer 140 women in labor to hospitals. Five women, in Emanuel, Jerusalem, Ashdod, Herzliya  and Beit Shemesh, gave birth with the aid of MDA teams.