Likud MK Oren Hazan caught the attention of the Palestinian Authority by uploading a Facebook post about the founders of Fatah. Some Palestinians are claiming that Hazan called for PA leader Mahmoud Abbas’ assassination in the post. In response, the PA is demanding that Hazan’s name be added to the international list of terrorists.

The picture included in Hazan's post

The picture included in Hazan’s post Photo Credit: Oren Hazan’s Facebook page/Channel 2 News

About three weeks ago, MK Oren Hazan (Likud) uploaded a controversial Facebook post about the founders of Fatah, mentioning when they died. When he reached Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, he wrote: “Another Abu until it’s over.” Many Palestinians were outraged after seeing the post, saying that it constitutes incitement. However, some believe that Hazan was actually calling for Abbas’ assassination.

“58 years ago today, the murderous terrorist organization Fatah was founded,” Hazan wrote. “[This seems like] a good time for stocktaking the founders. Abu Jihad- eliminated in 1988. Abu Iyad- eliminated in 1991. Abu Said- died in 1994. Abu Ammar [Yasser Arafat], God damn him- passed on to a world that is all evil in 2004. Abu Mazen [Abbas]- [he’s] already with one leg on his way there. About that we say: Another Abu until it’s over.”

In response to the post, the Palestinian Information Ministry asked that Hazan be recognized as a terrorist and that his name be added to the international list of terrorists so that every country will treat him as one.