A 13-year-old girl on the way to Quran class was abducted by two men in Pakistan. According to the suspect, they raped her and buried her alive, because they believed that she died during the course of this brutal act. Her father went to the police after the girl disappeared, but they refused to help him. The girl succeeded to dig her way out of the grave.

She succeeded to leave the grave

She succeeded to leave the grave Photo Credit: AP

A 13-year-old girl in Pakistan succeeded to escape from inside a grave after she was raped by two men, who buried her alive, according to a report today in the New York Times.

The girl was abducted from a village in the Punjab Province of Pakistan while on her way to Quran class.  Her father, Sadiq Mugal, reported the kidnapping of his daughter to the local police, but they refused to help him.  The suspected kidnappers took the girl to an isolated place, raped her and after that buried her alive, because they thought that she died from the brutal act.

 Fortunately, the 13-year-old girl was able to dig herself out of the grave.  Civilians that were walking near the place saw her and helped her to reach a local medical center.  After the refusal of the police to investigate the incident, the state court ordered the police to arrest the perpetrators and provide a report on the incident without delay.

 Rapes are a significant problem in Pakistan, where, according to the report, there is a myth that HIV can be cured by having sex with a virgin.  Statistics show that incidents of raping children increased from 668 incidents in 2002 to 2,788 occurrences last year.