A former Shuafat Refugee Camp resident was arrested on Friday on suspicion of openly supporting ISIS online. According to the official Israel Police statement regarding the arrest, the suspect confessed to the crime during his interrogation.


ISIS Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israel Police announced on Sunday that a Palestinian resident of the West Bank was arrested on Friday for voicing support for ISIS and inciting to violence online. According to the police statement, the suspect admitted during his interrogation that he supports the murderous terrorist organization.

The suspect, a Palestinian in his 40s who moved to Hebron a few months ago from the Shuafat Refugee Camp, caught the Israel Police’s attention several months due to his Facebook posts that openly stated that he supports ISIS. He also uploaded and shared videos about the terrorist organization’s activities around the world. Some of the videos showed the executions of people who opposed ISIS.   

Tomorrow, the suspect will appear in front of a judge for a remand hearing. The Israel Police explained in the statement that the videos posted on social media by the suspect have the power to prompt a person to carry out a terror attack.

Meanwhile, 36-year-old Rahat resident Sami Alhozil was indicted on Sunday for threatening to carry out a terror attack and murder in a Facebook post. In the post, Alhozil stated that he wishes to be a “shahid with the help of God” and that he intends to attack soon.

According to the indictment, he posted the following at the end of July: “These might be my last words on Facebook. A lot of crazy thoughts come into my head during the night and day that make me lose my mind and are pushing me to do things that I won’t regret.”

“I will do anything that makes people speak of me as a hero or war leader who died for the dignity of his land and Islam and its sacred places,” he continued. “I will do it soon. I thank my dad for his support.”