INTERPOL’s board of directors decided Monday that the Palestinian Authority’s bid to join the organization will be put to a vote. According to senior Israeli officials, the Palestinians’ membership request will most likely be approved.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas

PA President Mahmoud Abbas Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Despite the heavy diplomatic pressure from Israel’s National Security Council, Foreign Affairs Ministry and Strategic Affairs Ministry, the Palestinians are on their way to joining the International Police Organization (INTERPOL). The organization’s board of directors decided Monday that the Palestinians’ bid will be put to a vote.

Senior Israeli officials predicted today that the Palestinian Authority will gain enough support to be recognized as a member state. The significance of this probable outcome is that the PA will be able to issue international arrest warrants for IDF officers and obtain sensitive information about the fight against terrorism.  

However, the officials stressed that the diplomatic efforts to prevent the Palestinians from joining INTERPOL are still underway. The officials are working with their American counterparts in order to find a technical and bureaucratic way to prevent the PA from gaining the same status in the organization as the Israel Police.

About ten days ago, the UN’s World Tourism Organization announced that the vote on the PA’s request to become an official member has been postponed. The chairman of the UN agency announced at a conference in China that the vote will take place at the next UNWTO plenary session in 2019. The announcement came after the organization was pressured by Israel and the US regarding the matter.