Israeli’s across the country are reeling from the brutal news that a seven-year-old Israeli girl was raped by a 46-year-old Palestinian man

Mohammed Katusa, from the Dir Qaddis village in the West Bank, has just been charged with rape, abduction, and assault on a seven-year-old Israeli girl.

The savage worked as a janitor in the girl’s school who fostered a twisted relationship with the young girl by her giving candies. On April 29th, after gaining her confidence Katusa grabbed her and brought her to an unoccupied house and threw her to the ground. He then had two other Palestinian friends hold her down while he brutally raped her.

Katusa was arrested on May 1st after the girl pointed him out to the teachers. After His accomplices are still at large.

An attorney who represents the family issued a statement “This was an exceedingly brutal and appalling incident, as other people were present during the rape, apparently Palestinian laborers who humiliated the girl, degraded her and aided the suspect. It appears to be an act of pure hatred by a group of scum who flouted all human decency simply because the victim was Jewish”.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that “The courts must exhaust the severity of the law with everyone responsible for this terrible act.”

Yisrael Beytenu head Avigdor Liberman who has been pro the death penalty for terrorists called the attack, “a well-planned attack on a small, innocent and helpless girl.”

“This is not pedophilia. This is pure terror — one of the worst kinds I have heard in recent years, he said.

Union of Right-Wing Parties chairman Rafi Peretz shared the same sentiment by saying,“the vile and all those who helped him  commit this terrible act has no right to exist in this world.”