On Wednesday morning, a 17-year-old Palestinian was arrested after he attempted to enter the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron with a knife. The man hid the knife in one of his socks.

The knife

The knife Photo Credit: The Israel Police/Channel 2 News

Israel Border Police officers in the West Bank arrested Wednesday a Palestinian man who was hiding a knife in one of his socks. The 17-year-old Hebron resident was taken in for questioning after the knife was discovered by the officers as the man was going through the routine security inspection at the entrance to the Cave of the Patriarchs.

The incident occurred in the morning, when the officers stationed at the Cave of the Patriarchs noticed a suspicious Palestinian man who tried to enter the site without passing through the metal detectors.

The officers ordered the Palestinian to turn back and go through the required security inspection. The officers, who suspected that the Palestinian was carrying a metal item about which he did not inform them and thus attempted to bypass the metal detectors, found the hidden knife after they instructed him to empty his pockets and reveal all the items he was carrying.