Israeli security forces arrested on Tuesday a Palestinian man carrying a pipe bomb outside an IDF military court in the West Bank. The area was sealed off while security forces arrive to denotate the explosives.

The pipe bomb

The pipe bomb Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

A Palestinian man concealing a pipe bomb beneath his clothes was arrested on Tuesday at the entrance of a military court in the West Bank. Security forces sealed off the area and bomb detonators are arriving at the scene. The suspect was taken in for questioning.

A similar incident occurred just last week when a Palestinian man carrying a pipe bomb was arrested outside a military court near the Salim village in the West Bank. The man had hidden the device under his clothes. In December, there were two separate incidents in which Palestinians brought pipe bombs to the same military court.

The has been a recent rise in tensions in the West Bank as IDF and Border Police forces thwarted several attempted terror attacks in the area. On Saturday, a 15-year-old Palestinian armed with a knife was arrested by Israel Border Police officers at Hebron’s Cave of the Patriarchs. The suspect said during the initial questioning that he had arrived at the Jewish holy site to carry out a terror attack.