An Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs report that reveals an alarming level of radicalization and incitement in Palestinian Authority textbooks for elementary schools and on social media sites was presented recently by Strategic Affairs Ministry Gilad Erdan.

The report shows that in the past few years, the Palestinians have found more creative ways to pass on inciting messages to young children, promoting hatred and violence toward Israelis. For instance, in one textbook used in Palestinian schools, the following sentence is written: “I will banish the robber from my land. I will destroy the remains of the foreigners.”

According to the ministry, these types of messages are found in textbooks for children under the age of 10. An excerpt from a textbook for second-grade students shows that young Palestinians are being taught to glorify a violent past: “I’m a lion cub. I’m a flower. [They] gave their soul for the revolution. Our ancestors built homes for us in our free land. I’m a lion cub. I’m a flower. We carried the ember of the revolution to Haifa, Jaffa, Al-Aqsa Mosque [and] the Dome of the Rock.

“The report that I presented proves PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has decided to finish his term by bequeathing also to the next generation of Palestinians a narrative of renouncing the State of Israel’s existence,” Erdan said

“Under the auspices of the PA, the State of Israel has been erased from the map in textbooks and eight-year-old children are memorizing songs about the destruction of the Jews,” he added.