The Palestinian Authority has decided to temporarily return its ambassador to Washington for a discussion in Ramallah. It is assumed that the discussion will be about the PA’s additional actions in response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Trump and the Palestinian Authority leader

Trump and the Palestinian Authority leader Photo Credit: STR/Flash90

The Palestinian Authority decided on Sunday to temporarily recall its envoy to Washington apparently in light of US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Earlier this month, Trump announced his decision in a speech that was condemned by numerous heads of state around the world.

According to the Palestinian Foreign Ministry, Husam Zomlot, the PA’s envoy to the US and head of the PLO mission in Washington, has been called back to Ramallah for a discussion. While the ministry did not mention the topic of the discussion, the Palestinian media is reportedly estimating that the discussion will be about the future steps that the PA will take in response to Trump’s announcement.  

Last week, the PA announced that it will be submitting a request to the UN secretary-general to join 18 UN international conventions as part of its battle to enhance its status within the international organization in response to Trump’s Jerusalem declaration.

The conventions that the Palestinians want to join have only been signed by states up until this point. The PA hopes that by joining these conventions, it will be able to obtain recognition as a proper country within the international organization.