A woman from East Jerusalem has been indicted on count of attempted murder after trying to murder Israelis by setting fire to a gas tank. In a note she wrote a day earlier, she warned: “Beware enemies of god.”

The scene of the terror attack

The scene of the terror attack Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

One month ago, an Israeli police officer was slightly injured when a car exploded near Ma’ale Adumim. The driver was a Palestinian woman from Jabel Mukaber in Jerusalem. Her family claimed she had a car malfunction and that she did not attempt to carry out a terror attack, but the Israeli detectives were not impressed. They determined that her intentions were to implement an attack after finding a note in which she referred to herself as a Shaheed. On Thursday, 31-year-old Asraa Gabbas was indicted on count of attempted murder.

According to the indictment, Gabbas started supporting terrorism last year, when she wrote a Facebook post identifying with Palestinian Shaheeds. A month ago she set her mind on implementing a fatal terror attack and dying as a Shaheed. She wrote a note with statements that do not leave room for any doubt: “Enemies of god die in your anger, your end is near and I am among the Shaheeds serving god.”

The Jerusalem District Attorney stressed that after writing the note, Gabbas left her husband’s home in Jericho and headed for Jerusalem in order to carry out the terror attack. “She took a lighter and loaded a gas tank onto her car and left her house. She intended to blow up the gas tank and in this way kill Jews and Israeli security forces,” the indictment read.

The police officer who was injured signaled her to pull over near the a-Zaim Checkpoint because she was driving on a bus lane. He approached her car and she shouted Allahu Akbar, opened the tap on the gas tank and lit it. The car caught fire and the gas tank exploded. The officer was slightly injured and woman was seriously injured.