Two of the terrorists have already been laid to rest.

PIJ Propaganda Poster Glorifying Suicide Bomber.

PIJ Propaganda Poster Glorifying Suicide Bomber. Wikimedia Commons

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad issued a threat on Sunday after three members were eliminated by Israel in the southern Gaza Strip. “Israel has crossed a red line,” the terrorist group warned.

According to Hadashot news, two of the terrorists have already been laid to rest. Thousands attended their funerals.

The PIJ terrorists were eliminated on Sunday morning by the Israeli army in an attack on an observation post manned by the terrorist group. The post was targeted in response to a bomb that was planted near the border fence on Saturday evening.

Although the explosive device went off as Israeli forces were attempting to defuse it, no injuries were reported. The explosive device, which was hidden inside bolt cutters, was spotted early Sunday morning.

The IDF’s counterattack was the second Israeli attack in the past 24 hours. The IDF spokesperson announced early Sunday morning that Israeli fighter jets attacked Hamas targets in the southern Gaza Strip in response to several infiltration attempts.

“The IDF views these ongoing attempts with great severity, specifically Hamas’ daily attempts to damage security infrastructure and threats to the safety of Israelis,” the spokesperson tweeted. “The IDF is determined to fulfill its mission to protect and ensure the safety of Israeli civilians.”

On Saturday, the IDF confirmed that four terrorists from Gaza infiltrated Israel and tried to destroy security infrastructure. Hamas even released a video documenting the successful infiltration. In the footage, the terrorists can be seen cutting the bottom of the security fence with wire cutters and entering Israel. The four then split up, as two continue running deeper into Israeli territory and throw a Molotov cocktail that starts a fire.

The other two terrorists stay behind to put up a Palestinian flag and pitch a green tent upon which were written the words: “The March of Return. We are returning to Palestinian lands.” All four terrorists then escape back into Gaza when an IDF patrol opened fire on them.

Hamas also released a second video, which showed Palestinian rioters along the border fence throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, burning tires and flying flaming kites. A group of terrorists can also be seen attempting to damage the fence.