The funeral procession for a terrorist who tried to stab an Israeli soldier almost ended in the murder of an Israeli driver. Young Palestinian rioters set up a makeshift checkpoint and attacked Israeli cars. IDF forces eventually arrived at the scene and dispersed the mob.

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Over the past few months, the Palestinian village of Tuqu’ has become a scene of violent clashes between residents and security forces. Since the beginning of 2017, three of its residents were eliminated while they carried out terrorist acts. Two weeks ago, a resident of the village, Muhammad Tanuch, tried to stab a female IDF soldier and was eliminated at the scene. On Friday, his body was returned to his family and a day later, his funeral was held. However, the funeral procession turned violent when Palestinians set up checkpoints on a road frequently used by Israeli drivers. One Israeli driver got caught in the action and was almost lynched by the violent rioters.

The day started with clashes between IDF soldiers and masked Palestinians. An IDF soldier was slightly injured by a stone before the crowd was dispersed. A few young Palestinians armed with stones then decided to set up a makeshift checkpoint after the IDF checkpoint. Palestinian cars were allowed to pass through without any problem but the Jewish drivers were violently attacked by the mob.

Valery, a resident of the Israeli settlement Tekoa, was one of the Israeli drivers. The Palestinians recognized him and started to run toward his car. “They could smell me from a kilometer away,” Valery recalled. “They established a checkpoint there, it was impossible to go through. I immediately pulled out my firearm and cocked it so that they would see that I’m armed [but] that didn’t stop them.”

Luckily, Valery was able to escape while the Palestinians chased after him. IDF forces arrived shortly thereafter and dispersed the mob. However, the IDF is trying to figure out how Israeli drivers found themselves in a trap set up by violent Palestinians in a village where widespread clashes with security forces were reported earlier that same day.