After 40 days of the hunger-strike and before the start of the Ramadan fast, the Palestinian security prisoners and the Israel Prison Service reached an agreement and the strike will end. The prisoners’ families will be able to visit them once more every month.


Barghouti Photo credit: Flash 90/ Channel 2 News

After 40 days, today (Saturday), the Palestinian security prisoners announced the end of the hunger-strike. Agreements were reached after 20 hours of talks between Marwan Barghouti, the Committee of Security Prisoners and the Israel Prison Service, in order to end the strike before the Ramadan fast.

The prisoners announced the hunger-strike over a month ago and stated that it would continue until their demands to improve conditions were met. According to the Israel Prison Service, the parties agreed only to the demand of an additional visit every month. The agreement concluded that the Palestinian National Authority would finance the second monthly visit of the prisoners’ families.

The Israel Prison Service stated: “Both parties cooperated and as a result of the combined effort, the hunger-strike ended today.” 1578 security prisoners participated in the hunger-strike over the past several weeks in a protest against their conditions in the Israeli prisons. The strike was led by prisoners of the Fatah party, particularly by Marwan Barghouti.

As of yesterday, 30 prisoners were hospitalized across the country due to a deterioration in their medical condition. In addition, hundreds of prisoners were transferred to special medical facilities set up in the prisons and were treated by medical teams that were recruited especially for this purpose.

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