A court of the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank has sentenced a Palestinian to five years in prison for trying to sell land to Israeli Jews.

“The Grand Criminal Court that met in Nablus sentenced… ”M.Y.M”, to five years in prison on charges of attempting to cut off part of the Palestinian lands and [sell] it to a foreign state,” a memo on the PA Higher Judicial Council’s website said.

Palestinian law considers a crime for a sale or attempted sale of land to Israeli Jews in the West Bank.

Palestinians consider the sale of land to Jews in the West Bank is something that threatens the Palestinian interest and the possibility of a future state in those lands.

Penalties for selling land to Jews may involve forced labor, imprisonment, and even death sentences.

Several months ago the Palestinian-American Issam Aqel, a resident of East Jerusalem, was sentenced to “life imprisonment and forced labor” for selling land to Jews. Following US pressure the Palestinian Authority agreed to extradite Aqel.