A Palestinian young man set himself on fire on Saturday. In footage from the scene, he can be heard shouting about his economic situation in Gaza and condemning the Palestinian government. He was evacuated to a hospital and it is in moderate condition.

Street in Gaza

Street in Gaza Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar/Flash 90

A Palestinian man set himself on fire Saturday night in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza City due his family’s poverty and the dismal economic situation in Gaza.

In footage from the scene that has been circulating on social media networks in the past 24 hours, Fathi Harb can be seen with his body burning and shouting about his dire economic situation and criticizing the Palestinian government. Eyewitnesses attempted to put out the fire. Harb has been taken to a hospital and is in moderate condition.

According to Palestinian reports, Harb’s brother was injured in one of the “March of Return” demonstrations.

The IDF previously blamed Hamas for the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. “The IDF transfers humanitarian aid to Gaza and will continue to do so in the future. On Tuesday, the IDF transferred large quantities of equipment to Gaza. All of it was returned by the Hamas terror organization,” the army spokesperson said.