Following the yesterday’s terrorist attack in Ariel , where  one Israeli was killed and several were seriously injured, the Palestinians went out in Gaza to celebrate the attack.

According to the Palestinian press, in the town of Khan Younis they went out to celebrate by handing out candy in the streets.

The terrorist movement centered in Gaza, Islamic Jihad, published a statement in which they declared that “the attack in Ariel was meant to steer the compass and move the fight back to its natural place”. They also said that they ” applaud the attack and salute the rebel heroes in the West Bank” who perpetrated the terrorist attack.

An official of the Hamas terrorist movement that governs the Gaza Strip said, “Israel must understand that it has no place here. The spokesman also said Israel killed the terrorists who conducted the attacks in Barkan, where two Israeli civilians were killed, and in Ofra and Givat Asaf, where two soldiers and a newborn baby were killed, and “now there is a new hero to take their place”.