Dozens of Palestinian protesters clashed with the Israel Police and the IDF in the Qalandiya refugee camp heeding Fatah’s call for a “day of rage” in protest of the increased security at the entrance to the Temple Mount. Other protests took place in Qalandiya, Shuafat, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Watch: Palestinian youth clash with Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya refugee camp

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Israeli security forces were deployed to several locations throughout the West Bank, including the Qalandiya refugee camp, in anticipation of confrontations with Palestinian demonstrators. Protest have been occurring daily since the terror attack on the Temple Mount in which two Israeli police officers were killed by Palestinian shooters.

Today (Wednesday) is Fatah’s “day of rage” in protest against the increased security measures implemented on the Temple Mount. Fatah’s leaders called on Palestinian activists to clash with police officers and the IDF at checkpoints and various points of friction throughout the West Bank. Hamas has declared their own “day of rage” this coming Friday.

In addition to the Qalandiya refugee camp, where security forces managed to disperse the crowd using riot control measures, there were several more instances of disturbances: Rioters at the Shuafat refugee camp threw stones at security forces and a masked Palestinian threw a Molotov cocktail at them. He was arrested and another Molotov cocktail was found in his possession.

Dozens of rioters gathered near Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem and threw stones at the security forces stationed there. Two protesters were arrested.

Meanwhile, the Har Babayit and the Temple organization, a religious Israeli NGO, has called for a memorial rally to take place on Friday at the Temple Mount to mark a week since the murders of the two police officers, Kamil Shanan and Hail Stawi. According to the organizers’ plans, MK’s and various communal leaders are expected to participate.

In recent months, Palestinian officials had called for a “day of rage” to take place in April in support of Palestinian prisoners on a hunger strike in Israeli jails. Hamas had also declared a “day of rage” ahead of US President Trump‘s Israel visit in May.