While Israeli security forces attempt to contain the violence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem following US President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, the police department in the city is stressing that it is ready for every possible scenario. According to Palestinian media outlets, dozens of people were injured in the clashes.

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The Jerusalem District Police stated on Thursday that the security forces in the city are ready for every possible scenario, adding that it has not received any concrete information indicating that there will be an escalation in violence in the city. Three protesters who threw stones and water bottles were arrested in the city. In the West Bank, the Gilboa crossing was shut down due to the violent riots in the area.

The Jerusalem police department clarified that it is committed to protecting the normal routines of the city’s residents but stressed that “if someone tries us, we will respond with a firm hand.” Officers explained that it appears that the Palestinians understand that US President Donald Trump’s announcement was an American move that will not affect the Temple Mount. The officers added that because the Palestinians have realized that this is a national issue, not a religious one, the situation is relatively calm.

Riot in Ramallah

Riot in Ramallah Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

However, it is estimated that there are religious extremists who will try to influence the East Jerusalem youth by linking Trump’s announcement to the Temple Mount. Hamas has already called for a new wave of violence and described Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as “a declaration of war against the Palestinians.”

Protests and clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces have been taking place since this morning in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and near the Gaza border. According to Palestinian media outlets, dozens of protesters have been injured so far in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.